10000 BC

10000 BC
10000 BC

Movie Details

10000 BC
Director-Roland Emmerich
Cast-Camilla Belle,Steven Strait,Marco Khan
Movie type- Action Adventure
Producer-Michael Wimer
Release date- 7 th September 2008
IMDB Rating-5.1
Languages-Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, and English.,Spanish
Duration-1 Hour 49 Minutes



Roland Emmerich undoubtedly has a group of his fans. This doesn’t really surprise me. After all, he makes impressive, eye-pleasing and often exciting cinema. The kind of cinema for which large screens, digital technology and surround sound were created. Among his films, there are better and worse ones, but they are always mentally undemanding, not necessarily logically coherent and based on the viewer’s shallowest emotions, which means that we can be sure that in Emmerich’s film we will find a pompous speech, a flag waving in the wind (or totem), lots of cheesy, uplifting dialogue and the glorification of love, friendship and patriotism. This is a pattern, a must-ride at Emmerich’s. It doesn’t matter if it’s about parallel worlds, a space invasion, US history, a monster from the deep or a mammoth hunt.

Nobody ever taught me history. Besides, I didn’t really want to learn it myself. Even the one closest to us, or the newest one. I remember only the most important dates, such as Grunwald (an essential recipe for moonshine), the baptism of Poland or the outbreak of world wars. And I know absolutely nothing about such prehistory. Well, maybe only that dinosaurs lived in the Jurassic, but that’s what Uncle Spielberg and his park taught me. So, anticipating my absolute historical incompetence and ignorance, I explain that I am not interested in whether Emmerich’s latest film is consistent with (pre)historical facts. I will not investigate whether giant flightless birds similar to ostriches could have lived in those times, and I am not interested in who was the designer of beautiful Evolet’s blue dress, which highlighted her interesting breasts.

As everyone already knows, Emmerich’s work, as the title suggests, takes us back to around 10,000 BC. Where there are wild mountain tribes hunting mammoths, tribes deeply stuck in witchcraft and superstition. Where the survival of the community is practically the only goal of existence. But, in fact, when and where the story takes place – it doesn’t matter at all. This is just an excuse, and what’s worse – a weak one.

From the very beginning, for obvious reasons, the film is associated with Gibson’s Apocalypto . Well, there is no other option – these films have to be compared – that’s why the title of Gibson’s film will appear in this text a few more times. The very starting point for the plot, its structure and course immediately brings to mind Apocalypto . The tribe is attacked by “four-legged demons”, Evolet – the lover of D’Leh (the main character) – is kidnapped. The chase for the kidnappers begins, during which the landscape will change and the number of heroes will increase – until the finale. Briefly, because the film doesn’t offer much more.

Since we have already mentioned Apocalypto , let us recall what was the strongest in Gibson’s film – the realism and naturalism of the world shown. The characters were flesh and blood – credible. Wild, primitive, they looked like something out of National Geographic. What do we have in 10,000 BC ? We have painted actors. It really wouldn’t make a difference to me if I saw the same people in war colors in one scene, and in a tie and in hats the next. There is some theatricality, artificiality, you simply cannot believe these people. Apart from the fact that the characters speak beautiful English, it is hardly surprising – not everyone is the brave and hard-working Mel Gibson, taking care of every detail. Because every detail increases the sense of realism and allows you to forget that these are just actors, decorations and effects. Emmerich did not succeed in this at all, and what’s more, he simply ignored the matter. This is visible even in the selection of the cast. No one bothered to make these people look or even resemble representatives of prehistoric tribes. Just European or African-American faces colored with crayons. And casting Cliff Curtis in one of the main roles is a complete mockery. He’s as wild as I am a samurai. In addition, his physiognomy in the film shows an unusual anomaly – the facial hair does not grow on his cheeks and neck – he is always elegantly styled like a musketeer’s beard. Unless my (lack of) knowledge of history is so great that I don’t know about the Gillette factory that existed 12,000 years ago. It is very possible, after all, the Blend-a-med factory must have existed, because everyone – old, young, good, bad, as one, has white and simple keyboards.

My absolute favorites are the actors who play the roles of evil kidnappers. I called them Pirate Barnabas and Pirate Boniface. Once you watch it, you’ll know why. But if you don’t watch it, you won’t lose anything. Unless you absolutely want to see a CGI saber-toothed tiger or running CGI mammoths. If so, the trailer will be enough for you. There are also caricatured giant ostriches and some other birds. I didn’t find any more fauna. It’s a pity, because that’s why I went to the cinema mainly – for the views, creatures and effects.

I mentioned something about the landscape. Well, first we have some mountains (nothing special), then the jungle (it’s really green), and finally the desert with buildings like pyramids and similar. The latter is definitely the most effective, but so what if it was practically the same in Stargate . However, the entire film is crammed with dialogues that add nothing to the plot, moralizing nonsense and poor mysticism. Of course, there is the obligatory “he will definitely find me, he promised.” In general, the script created jointly by the director and composer (!) is a mammoth-sized dud.

Lack of ideas, second-mindedness, negligence – grave sins. Even the final javelin throw is clearly associated with the 300 . In addition, there was a truly Disney-like attention to the viewer’s sensitivity – I saw only a few drops of blood throughout the entire film. And there are several opportunities for a bit of macabre. It’s a pity that everything is solved so that nothing can be seen. Compared to the great Apocalypto 10,000 BC, it is a family story. I was deceived by the trailer, in which everything that was even remotely noteworthy was shown. I fell for this hundred-minute waste of time. Don’t give up.

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