A Good Person (2023)

A Good Person (2023)

Movie Details

Movie: A Good Person (2023)
Release date: 31 March 2023 (USA)
Director: Zach Braff
Screenplay: Zach Braff
Box office: 31 lakhs USD
Distributed by: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Music by: Bryce Dessner
Cast: Florence Pugh, Morgan, Freeman, Celeste O’Connor
Genre: Drama/Comedy
IMDB: 7.1/10
Language: English
Duration: 2 Hour 29 Minutes


A Good Person (2023)


Zach Braff was loved by all viewers as a sympathetic doctor in the cult series Scrubs, but since then the well-known actor has often had directorial intentions. And from the beginning things looked promising with him. His directorial debut, Awakening in the Garden State, was a fairly successful indie that managed to hit the right notes with audiences. Since then, he hasn’t had another significant creative breakthrough, but this time he had all the cards on his side.

In his next little inconspicuous drama, A Good Person, his girlfriend at the time, and above all, a giant talent, Florence Pugh, played a role, who could even pull off an advertisement for hemorrhoids. In addition, they were backed by veteran Morgan Freeman and a relatively promising story. Was he able to serve up a strong film thanks to a strong pair?

We thus follow the story of Allison, who lacks nothing in life. She is happily in love, and she gets along with her boyfriend Nathan and his family, except for his future father-in-law Daniel, before marriage. But one moment is enough and everything changes from the ground up. As a driver, Allison becomes a participant in an accident in which her future sister-in-law and her husband die and she is the only survivor of the crash.

The main character’s life changes from the ground up, and after a year of suffering, she becomes a broken person addicted to pills. However, when she reaches the very bottom, it is clear to her that she must finally do something about her addiction and mental state. Paradoxically, a potential way out and consolation is offered by the one from whom she would least expect it – the devastated Daniel, who, in addition to the death of his daughter, is burdened by a dark past and has to take care of his teenage granddaughter.

So we have a more than solid start to a distinctive little drama here, and it can be said that for most of the footage, the creators manage to fulfill its potential. A Good Person is not a completely cheerful spectacle, but it still meets all the audience’s attributes and can hook a person to watch it properly.

It is properly warm and slightly melancholic with occasional attempts at humor, but at the same time, it is not afraid of emotionally tense scenes and powerful moments. The screenplay can work well with sympathetic characters who lament whether they are still good people even after an accident or some steps in life. And where can one life tragedy take them?

Florence Pugh then gets the absolute maximum out of the script and Allison herself, and this is another of the roles in which she excels and shows that she can pull off absolutely everything. You believe her heroine with every emotion, tear, and glimmer of hope that appears here and there in her eyes. At the same time, however, it looks natural all the time and does not put excessive pressure on the saw.

Its performance can be even more intense. With the excellent Morgan Freeman, who this time does not play “only” on his charismatic confidence and joy of playing and gratefully written roles exude from him, then they form a really strong acting duo between which it works and they manage to carry the film almost on their shoulders.

Even if Zach Braff manages to make an audience-friendly independent film in which everything is in its place and does not bore anyone, I still find something missing in his direction to be completely satisfied. As a director, he is properly intimate and unobtrusive at the same time, which is good in certain scenes, but not in others.

He lacks the creative drive and the courage to push even harder in some moments and thus make the film an even stronger spectacle. Humorous teats, mostly performed by cheerful mom Molly Shannon, don’t work well in the mix with the rest, and the scissors could have been used much more often when cutting. Two hours of footage is too much for a piece like this. Especially when, despite the great cast and decent pacing, the film is headed for a predictable ending.

A Good Person is a nice little drama that fulfills the task nicely, but it doesn’t offer anything new or any added value. In other words, in addition to confirming that Florence Pugh is a huge talent going to the maximum in every role, her fans will find their way here as well. However, Zach Braff has not completely overcome his shadow of pleasant, but predictable pieces, which are instantly entertaining, but still not completely etched in the viewer’s memory. On the other hand, if you like similar inconspicuous genre films, you probably won’t be disappointed by this choice either.

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