Angel Has Fallen (2019)

Angel Has Fallen (2019)

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Movie: Angel Has Fallen (2019)
Director: Ric Roman Waugh
Cast: Gerard Butler, Frederick Schmidt, and Danny Huston
Movie Genres: Action/Thriller
Release date: 23 August 2019
IMDB Rating: 6.4/10
Languages: English
Duration: 2h 01m


Angel Has Fallen (2019)


Gerard Butler became an acting superstar. But just for a moment. Although he made a few hits, he was more successful in romantic comedies than with a beer in his hand, and in recent years he has scored some solid flops. Even he was probably surprised by the success of Olympus Has Fallen and the sequel London Has Fallen. These were films that did not cost a lot of money, did not have great ambitions, and relied on B-grade poetics and a lot of shooting. Just consumer goods. But it turned out that this is exactly what the audience is missing in the cinemas, and Butler can return for the third time as Mike (Leah Banning as the wife of Mike), a specialist in protecting presidents and shooting villains in the head. And even if he doesn’t have big ambitions this time, he’s still fun. And maybe even bigger than before.

Aaron Eckhart’s election term is over and Morgan Freeman is sitting in the White House, who has been promoted from the vice president of the previous episodes to the regular head of the USA. Banning has his back, you can say they are friends, but the elite bodyguard wants to quit his job, focus on his family, and find a safer job. But he won’t get a chance to do that, because someone will attack the president with the help of suicide drones. Although the head of state survives, he is in a coma and to make matters worse, Banning learns in the hospital that he is the suspect in the attack. And so he does what B-movie heroes always do. He takes the corner and intends to find out on his own who is pulling the strings in the background.

The fall of the angel decided to slightly change the already somewhat familiar formula. Instead of saving the president, which would probably look a little funny for the third time, we get a variation on the Fugitive. Banning finds himself in the crosshairs of the Secret Service, the police, and an army of assassins, and they all want to either arrest him or eliminate him, so he has to beat up or shoot a lot of people to clear his name and finally save the president once more. Nothing new? No. But no one expected that.

Butler himself has gotten back into shape and doesn’t look as photogenic as he did in The Hunter Killer, but the main star here is Ric Roman Waugh. The former stuntman, who directed the very successful prison drama The Punisher, got the opportunity to try a regular action film for the first time in his career and has probably seen a lot of things during his stunt past. His Angel Has Fallen is not a particularly clever spectacle and Waugh is aware of this, so from beginning to end he does not take his foot off the gas and does not leave you thinking about what is happening on the screen. Instead, the film is packed with action, culminating in a long and very good shootout in the hospital, during which you wonder why the whole thing supposedly only cost forty million dollars. However, Waugh also manages contact battles, chases, and general action craft.

In addition, Waugh got rid of the often funny patriotism and patriotism, and instead we get attempts to “humanize” the main character, who has to join forces with his father, a war veteran, who is a bit of a rake on his escape. But instead of sticky drama and reconciliation, the famously paranoid Nick Nolte, who looks like Santa Claus and acts a lot like John Rambo, steps in. His fooling around in the forest, where he deals with a bunch of explosives, is one of the funniest moments of this entire action trilogy.

Angel Has Fallen gives Butler the most space of all three parts as an action hero, and considering that a person who understands his job sits behind the camera, the result is a very nice action spectacle. The third part of this series does not offer anything essential, new, or unprecedented. He knows what his fans want to see, so he doesn’t even try to surprise them (that Danny Huston was going to be the villain was guessed about three seconds after he appeared on the scene) and instead delivers solid action in more than solid quantities. And he doesn’t pretend to be anything more. It’s a fair approach, and if you feel like you’d do well with a movie where there’s a lot of shooting and a lot of things exploding and there’s not a lot of downtime in between, you’ll be happy. Great work.

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