Banger. (2022)

BANGER. (2022)
BANGER. (2022)

Movie Details

Movie: Banger. (2022)
Director: Adam Sedlák
Cast: Adam Misík, Marcel Bendig and Sergei Barracuda
Movie Genres: Drama/Comedy
Release date: 22 September 2022
IMDB Rating: 6.7/10
Languages: Czech
Duration: 1h 45m


Banger. (2022)


Director Adam Sedlák has already proven that he thinks significantly differently than most Czech filmmakers. Due to its form, Serial Semestr was a sympathetic stylistic play. Domestik was a downright physically unpleasant piece that did not suit everyone. And a similar fate will probably accompany his Banger. , in which the talented director goes even further with his uncompromisingness. He translates the story of drug dealer Alex, who has the best matrosh in Prague. But he wants to quit his illegal job. Alex is also a budding rapper, who is supposed to record his desired banger today – that is, a hit, after which everyone will know his name and face. And he doesn’t want to rap in it with anyone less than the local hip-hop star Sergei Barracuda. But the desired cooperation will cost him something and getting the necessary cash within a few hours will not be easy at all.

Sedlák again shows that he is simply somewhere else. BANGER. is an incredibly engaging, speeded-up, and predatory spectacle that has no comparison on the Czech pond, which was very noticeable even in comparison with this year’s domestic offer in Karlovy Vary. The film is helped in this direction not only by the unexpectedly sharp and precise editing scissors but especially by the excellent visuals, which are helped by the shooting of the entire film on an iPhone.

It is a very realistic probe into the lives of today’s youth, who use TikTok and Instagram, Czech rap, and sometimes add something else to it. It includes the realistic speech of the characters, in which Czech and English are mixed, and a lover of our beautiful language tends to privatize the local youth. And not only for that. Sedlák shows the modern Tiktoker generation with everything that belongs to it, with all its vigor, and uncompromisingness, but also with an unexpectedly large dose of humor, a portion of great messages and editing collages and ideas that will bring you to your knees.

The bet on an uncertain card in the form of Adam Mišík also paid off in the end. His Alex isn’t exactly a nice guy, but the young actor’s face pulls through his rough road full of drugs and rap without the slightest problem. In addition, he got a partner for whom most filmmakers would pay in gold. Marsell Bendig aka sidekick Láďa will be counted among the biggest acting discoveries of this year and has one of the most rewarding supporting roles in recent years. And his harmony with Mišík is truly unrivaled.

It is already clear that even this piece by Sedlák will not suit everyone. Some will not try a scattered creative style, others will not give a realistic portrayal of contemporary youth, etc. However, the fact remains that BANGER. is the most progressive Czech film of recent years, incredibly overflowing with energy and creative imagination. And what’s more, this is an excellent genre film with a modern cut, which is simply not being filmed here. In addition, the film fulfills its purpose without debate and becomes a strong and expressive statement of the young generation, which has the potential to sound strongly with its target audience.

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