Black Mass

Black Mass
Black Mass

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Black Mass
Director-Scott Cooper
Cast-Johnny Depp Benedict Cumberbatch Dakota Johnson
Movie type- Crime ,Drama
Producers-Scott Cooper, John Lesher, Patrick McCormick, Tyler Thompson, Brian Oliver
Release date 18 th October 2015
IMDB Rating-6.9
Duration-2 Hour 3 Minutes



Black Mass has one indisputable advantage – the wonderful role of Johnny Depp, the best he has played in years.

Funny thing about loyalty. It also happens that years of close hand-in-hand cooperation are not sufficient to consolidate it, while a single act of support shown to someone at the moment of their greatest weakness builds a bond for years. A blind devotion stronger than the requirements of common sense or simple selfishness, with an echo of idolatrous admiration in the background, from which the little pub that grew up in a brutal district never managed to shake off. Even as he matured, he became more serious and became an FBI agent.

That’s what this movie is essentially about. About the different faces of loyalty and how it can be understood in a distorted way. The basis for “Black Mass” was the true story of the underworld crime boss, James “Whitey” Bulger, who, at the head of the Irish Winter Hill gang, shook

South Boston from the early 1970s to the late 1990s. Initially, a big fish in a small pond – over time, he grew into a criminal icon, according to some on the backs of the FBI, specifically his childhood neighbor, John Connolly, to whom he was said to have served as a secret informant since 1975.

This one-sided partnership, based mainly on favorable tips for Bulger and scraps of knowledge for the FBI, ultimately ended in a spectacular disaster, not to mention a scandal. Bulger successfully hid from justice for several years before he was finally put behind bars, and Connolly was sentenced to a total of 50 years in prison. Mainly thanks to the exhaustive testimonies of former partners who forgot all loyalty when their own fates were being decided. And it’s really hard to be surprised.

But Connolly didn’t go that route. He remained as faithful as a Labrador to the very end, as if there was still that Bulger-obsessed brat inside him, saved from the thugs who abused him as a child, accepting candy from the hands of a generous neighbor. Perhaps it is difficult for us to understand how strong the bonds can be between exiles building a semblance of independence somewhere in a foreign world, knowing that they will never fully take root and will always be an outsider. Such mutual obligation is a source of strength, but also dependence. In Connolly’s case – pushed to the point of absurdity.

The film has a pleasant atmosphere of old-school gangster cinema, perhaps even referring too directly to the classics of the genre, in particular “Goodfellas”. It moves slowly, but it lacks a bit of nerve – some additional accent that would make a good movie great. However, it has one indisputable advantage – the wonderful role of Johnny Depp , the best he has played in years.

Johnny has recently accustomed us to the fact that his distinctive creations are dynamic, expressive, bordering on too much. In “Pact with the Devil” he goes in a completely different direction. His Bulger is repulsive, dry, inhumanly self-possessed, so icy cold that it sends shivers down your spine, and under that lizard’s gaze you recoil instinctively.

There is unbridled cruelty and a penchant for killing within him, which gradually escalates – from a man who rules based on a complex network of dependencies and camaraderie, he transforms into an autocrat who rules by fear and violence. In fact, he is not a charismatic godfather, he is a full-blooded criminal who destroys without blinking an eye – with his own hand! – anyone who gets in his way.

Connolly didn’t notice this slow evolution in time and that was his biggest mistake. In Joel Edgerton’s great interpretation, he is a slippery, but ultimately naive and clumsy trickster, with a higher opinion of himself than he actually deserves, contaminated with some strange, baselessly romantic vision of blood brotherhood, because after all, a friend of a friend will never betray, expose and won’t cheat. Benedict Cumberbatch as Jimmy’s brother, Senator William Bulger, is surprisingly weak in this regard. He gives the impression that he doesn’t feel entirely comfortable in front of the camera and that acting requires as much effort from him as trying to develop a Boston accent.

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