Cocaine Bear (2023)

Cocaine Bear
Cocaine Bear

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Cocaine Bear (2023)
Director-: Elizabeth Banks
Cast-Keri Russell: Plays Sari, a mother who gets caught up in the bear’s rampage when her daughter is attacked
O’Shea Jackson Jr.: Plays Daveed
Christian Convery: Plays Henry
Alden Ehrenreich: Plays Eddie
Brooklynn Prince: Plays Dee Dee
Isiah Whitlock Jr.: Plays Bob
Jesse Tyler Ferguson: Plays Peter
Ray Liotta: Plays Syd, a drug kingpin who is reluctantly taking care of his grandchild
Kristofer Hivju: Plays Olaf
Hannah Hoekstra: Plays Elsa
Aaron Holliday: Plays Kid (Stache)
Movie type- Horror/Comedy
Release date-24 February 2023
IMDB Rating-5.9
Languages- English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Bengali, and Punjabi
Duration-1 Hour 31 Minute


Cocaine Bear


The trailer for Cocaine Bear solidly stirred up the trailer waters, and people slowly began to look forward to the bloody, black-humored fun, in which the downed bear starts ripping people’s arms and legs off, and in the cinema you and a bunch of friends will laugh so loudly at all this that you will be taken out. But anyone who has already seen a few films knows very well that it’s not easy to pull off similar jerky intentions into a functional feature film. And that the idea of ​​”Santa mows down killers in the style of John McClane” can be turned into a good hour and a half of fun rather exceptionally. Bear on coke unfortunately confirms this. And if you ditch the movie theater and play the trailer for 95 minutes instead, it’ll give you more. Much more.

Cocaine Bear is based on a real event, when drug smugglers threw their shipment over the woods in the 1980s, where a cute bear found it, licked it like cattle, and then died. An ideal story for Hollywood, if the last part is left out and instead of the death of the teddy bear, it turns out that the hairy one will run around the forest and tear to pieces everything that stands in his way. Whether it’s gangsters eager to find lost drugs, an aging cop, a park ranger in love, Scandinavian tourists or two kids who went to paint a waterfall. In short, there will be enough potential victims and heroes, who should be entertaining even in the moments when the bear is not running around the screen and digesting the remains of its last victim somewhere on the stove. But it’s not like that Elizabeth Banks.

I quite like Elizabeth Banks when she’s in front of the camera and I think she’s managed to score some pretty cool roles throughout her career, whether it was in Zack and Miri Makes Porn, 40 Years of Panic or the thriller Three Days to Freedom. But as a director she is completely useless, either no one has told her so yet, or she doesn’t realize it herself. After all, she could have blamed the failure of Charlie’s Angel on an unwilling male audience who doesn’t want to go to action movies with women (actually, it’s more that she doesn’t want to go to shit), but who she’ll blame if it doesn’t work out with the bear, I really don’t know. However, it would be nice if someone told her that she does better in front of the camera.

Banks got his hands on a subject from which Tommy Wirkola, Alexandre Aja, James Gunn or Raimi and Jackson could squeeze exactly the kind of fun we were probably looking forward to after the trailer. But Banks’ film starts to fall apart after a few minutes. The bear on coke tries to be conceived as a combination of brutal black comedy with a bit of horror, but also as a small forest Tarantino movie. So if the bear isn’t eating people or stuffing white powder into his dick, there are a lot of characters running around the screen trying in vain to talk, look tough and cool, and have long dialogues about nothing (like that Quentin, right???) and then mostly die.

Banks has several groups of people running through the forest. Some are looking for lost children, others are looking for lost drugs, sometimes an ambulance comes to pick up the dead… and sooner or later they all come across a bear. But before that happens, they will start to bore you with their empty talk and dull and unimaginative direction, so that instead of the heroes in the foreground, you will probably be watching the distant bushes and bushes and hoping that the baribal is about to take a gander there. It’s terribly boring. Moreover, it is as if Banks was waiting for praise and after each plus or minus pointed scene, she leaves a momentary pause for the audience to digest the genius of the dialogue about personal loss and Italian pasta and have time to at least mentally applaud the director. Or I think too much about it and she just can’t cut in time.

Play the trailer that applies to everything. Banks has absolutely nothing to offer as a director. Maybe she can pull off two scares, and the scenes that work in the trailer work in the feature film as well. Although often much worse, because the soundtrack is quite annoying in contrast to the effective music from the trailer. The serious stories and moral dilemmas of the gangsters are completely extra, the humor feels decently idiotic and the bear eats people is digital, although in the end not as ugly as we feared. Well, that’s the end of it. Unfortunately, the Cocaine Bear was not a success, and if you plan to go to the cinema with your friends and have some bloody fun, you’re missing out. You’ll just lose an hour and a half of your time. The coke bear is stupid, not very nice and boring. I would easily forgive the first two things for a film of this type. But it could never work without the third one.

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