Day Shift (2022)

Day Shift (2022)

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Day Shift (2022)
Director: J. J. Perry
Cast: Jamie Foxx, Dave Franco, and Natasha Liu Bordizzo
Movie Genres: Action/Comedy
Release date: 10 August 2022
IMDB Rating: 6.1/10
Languages: English and Spanish.
Duration: 1h 54m


Day Shift (2022)


Debutant JJ ​​Perry, head of many second crews, forged stuntman, and martial arts fan, fulfills his dream here and tries to continue the tradition of proud action movies from the eighties and nineties when action scenes were hung on a flimsy plot, in which members of the stunt guild tried to show that America is by far the best at high drops, knockouts and sideways riding. The opening scene, in which Jamie Foxx, the cleaner of pools and vampire home, shows a 90-year-old vampire what an elbow is for, pleasantly entices a retro action guy who fulfills his ambitions to the letter. It’s not a bloated bore like Red Notice or The Gray Man, but an honest movie that you can forgive a lot because it speeds forward and relies on charismatic actors. But that alone is not enough for the platform.

Foxx is not profiled here as the cold-blooded vampire hunter Blade, but as an ordinary dad from a family who hunts vampires on his own, because the union, generously rewarding the extracted fangs with bills, expelled him from their ranks for mildly uncompromising methods. Here, under the supervision of producer Stahelski, JJ Perry paints a world in which even John Wick could easily move, since the anti-vampire organization operates on similar principles – complete with a headquarters full of retro furniture and hardware, valuing killed vampires according to the number of their crosses and victims, etc. It is outlined in the framework of a fast-moving movie, it works, it’s only made worse by the causal introduction of the villains, who don’t say much and try to hint that there is a vampire mafia operating in Los Angeles and trying to spread to the rest of the world and control our lives. blah blah

The building of the inner world, not dissimilar to the Netflix would-be hit Bright (I know, I know, but I remember it quite fondly), comes off a bit wasted after two hours, and Day Shift will probably be another of the pointless attempts to start a film series, but Jamie Foxx tirelessly he pulls this movement forward and even has some residual buddy chemistry with Dave Franco at times. But the film is at its best during the shootouts and chases. The former is over, even the comic cowboy character played by Snoop Dogg pulls out a spinner, and the battles are surprisingly limited to foot soldiers who can handle their limbs, see the five-minute cameo of “Boykov” Scott Adkins, who clears out a nest full of vampires with his “Brother”, he willingly bows and disappears from the scene as quickly as he walked into it with a backpack full of high kicks. Cute, if maybe a little out of place,

Foxx shoots and chases (drones hover over the cars in a chase that Michael Bay would envy) to a successful ending, where the finale is surprisingly weaker than the rest of the film because Perry has to twist the plot in addition to the enticing attractions, which he does way worse than conducting stunts. With better villains and some producers behind him to end his fumbling at times, the result could have been a lot better. And probably shorter, but I’d hate to foreshadow that Day Shift is like any other Netflix show, because most of the time you’ll be entertained in this world and generously turn a blind eye to its flaws. The potential is there, Perry enjoyed his long-delayed directorial debut, and Foxx could land some more action-packed, action-packed roles in the future. After all, we’ve been watching him to that Blade a long time ago, and when it didn’t work out,

The whole Day Shift is full of joy playing with toy cars and guns. Stuntmen are often just “big little guys”. Here, someone gave them free rein, and anyway, the film seems like a series of action scenes, which are like shiny beads hung on a barely existing plot. Less is sometimes more when you jump headlong into everything and rely on your abilities. But enough of the stunt analogies, don’t fear Netflix this time, and go have fun. Day Shift rarely slows down, and in a season that’s relatively tight on respite films, it gets the attention it deserves. As they say elsewhere “Three stars, or in our case seven out of ten is a recommendation”. In this case, there is more behind that number than you might think at first glance.

I also gave Project Power a six, and today in similar films I reevaluate it to a five (which is common, the ratings simply “slip”) because it is a much more calculated project than the “heartfelt” Day Shift. However, both rely equally on the great Foxx, and in both cases, they are mid-budget films that Netflix should make more of because they are simply missing in theaters.

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