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Director: J. D. Dillard
Cast-Jonathan Majors: Plays Ensign Jesse L. Brown
Glen Powell: Plays Lieutenant Junior Grade Tom Hudner
Christina Jackson: Plays Daisy Brown
Thomas Sadoski: Plays Lieutenant Commander Dick Cevoli
Daren Kagasoff: Plays Bill Koenig
Joe Jonas: Plays Marty Goode
Spencer Neville: Plays Bo Lavery
Nick Hargrove: Plays Carol Mohring
Movie type- War/Action
Release date- 23 November 2022
IMDB Rating-6.6
Languages- English and Korean
Duration-2 Hour 19 Minutes




Successful war films have been plentiful in recent years, and those devoted to the stories of fighters flying through the air are even fewer. It is precisely the pieces about heroic airmen that have seen better times in recent months. Of course, the monstrous success of the second Top Gun, in which Tom Cruise and co. they showed how incredibly intense aerial combat can be when you have the guts, guts and talent for it. In a few months, the series successor of the Brotherhood of the Intrepid and the Pacific, Masters of the Air, can improve the style of aviation projects. However, even before the trip to the Second World War, another interesting and ambitious new film, Devotion, was released. The film then attracted people with sympathetic trailers and setting in the Korean, so-called forgotten, war. But instead of another action burst, a commercial flop arrived in the air, after which not even a dog barked in the cinemas.

At the same time, the material for a thrilling war tumult and an ambitious drama in one could not possibly be better. Thus, we get the story of an American elite air unit that prepares for another possible danger in the form of communist threats after the Second World War. And there is a nice Tom Hudner among them and especially Jesse Brown, the first black pilot in the US service who passed the flight tests in the Navy. Even though one of them likes to follow the rules, while the other goes a little on his own path, a great friendship develops between them. But then, together with the rest of the team, they are drafted into the Korean War.

So the cards are clearly dealt here, and the viewer hopes to get not only an ambitious and moving story about a black airman, but also nutritious action throws, which also tell us a little about a lesser-known war conflict in quieter passages. But the result is terrible and tight-lipped boredom. The not-so-well-known JD Dillard shows what a typical routine and completely sterile direction looks like, which has absolutely nothing to offer and can’t work properly with even one of the promising elements of the film. As a director, he has problems with the pace, the action in the air never deviates from the gray average, after the return of Maverick, he has no way to pull the viewer in and as a result, not much happens here. And the act has a completely unnecessary two and a quarter hours! But most of the extended footage is just empty dialog straw being beaten here,

If you’re also hoping to expand your knowledge of history, you’re in the wrong place. You will learn practically nothing about this historical chapter, and even the story surrounding Jesse Brown will not save much. Jonathan Majors plays the role perfectly, and together with the likeable Glen Powell from Top Gun, they form a well-functioning pair that cannot be faulted. But none of them really have much to play, the characters are flat and Brown himself is not very interesting here. Add to that the appropriate amount of pathos, clichéd dialogues, predictable scenes and a pinch of racism, and you have a war piece in the world that doesn’t have much to offer today.

Play the trailerDevotion is not a total disaster or stupidity that will have the viewer tapping their foreheads every other minute. It’s just a complete genre average, which also gives the impression that it was accidentally locked in a safe for 20 years. In fact, the film would fit right in with Bay’s Pearl Harbor and other wartime pieces. Even here, however, Dillard’s boring direction would probably be quite boring next to Bay’s generous scenes. After all, when the viewer learns the most interesting thing about the entire film only in the end credits, it’s not exactly ideal. So if you were hoping for another aerial harvest after Top Gun, you won’t be completely disappointed here.
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