Eagle (2024)


Movie Details

Eagle (2024)
Director-Karthik Gattamneni
Cast-Ravi Teja Anupama Parameswaran Navdeep
Movie type- Action/Thriller
Release date 9 February 2024
IMDB Rating-8.6
Languages-Hindi and Telegu
Duration-2 Hour 39 Minutes


Eagle 2024


Nalini Rao is a journalist who is going to a market where she saw the Kapas a cotton cloth which is very soft and having the good quality she asked where is the production done the seller said that the production has stopped and owner is absconding.She put the article on Kapas in Taluka Village it was headed by Sahdev Verma .

The article got a blunder where the newspaper got inspected by the CBI as it was a case against Sahdev .So she was fired by the job which led to fire anger to know the truth where she travelled Taluka hills Village in South and met a old man and ask what is done with the piece of land he said it was destroyed by the officials and Sahdev Fight.

She reaches to MLA whose P.A tells the truth that Sahdev was the owner of the bungalow who has political support of MLA he was having the life fill with the fights and weapons.Shadev used to stole the weapons and bombs of Terorrist and Naxalite .Sahdev reside on the hills where he used to be live with brother and having the proper take care of people of hills by helping in production of Kapas and all the employment in the factory.

As the past revelas Sahdev was Eagle top assassin in there where he was having the contract based shooting the people he met with accidentaly with Rachna Rachna father was a top fbi police officer where they have the fun love and good life she became preganent and give birth to girl.Eagle was one day having contract of the killing of terrorist but they ran away as he shoot to threaten fbi police this was the biggest mistake of the life of Sahdev as terrorist killed his wife

,From that day he make a oath to destroy the all weapons and terrorist from the world he was a top most wanted assassin in aworld.One day a famous business come to MLA to ask for the land for bauxite to him .Sahdev in anger make him pay as he destroy the businessmen bodyguards and make him ran away from there.Terrorist used a girl to enter as worker in factory where she tracked the weapons of terrorist throgh GPS and make they inform.They all came along with MLA brother he make them shoot and brother legs destroyed for touching the weapons.Terrorist and army track location and make a way to enter the village The terrorist used to jumped in gate where they are shot by Eagle with top guns and rallings which are convertible into guns with making them pay.

Army uses the helicopter want to capture them he uses the god statue as the gun with the top load bullets and desatroyed helicopters and officials.Sahdev aim was to make RAW agent ran and girl with brother and destroyed himself but the Rachana father for the mistake of killed Rachana ,He understand that his grand daughter was alive and give him school address.Sahdev bombs the buildeing out and escape from there to make the world free from terrorist and weapons.

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