Evil Dead Rise (2023)

Evil Dead Rise (2023)

Movie Details

Movie: Evil Dead Rise (2023)
Genre: Horror/Fantasy
Cast: Mirabai Pease, Richard Crouchley, Anna-Maree Thomas
Taglines: Mommy loves you to death.
Release date: 21 April 2023 (USA)
Director: Lee Cronin
Distributed by: Warner Bros. Pictures
Adapted from: The Evil Dead
Countries of origin: Ireland, New Zealand, United States
Box office: $147 million
Cinematography: Dave Garbett
IMDB: 6.5/10
Language: ENGLISH
Runtime: 1 hour 36 minutes


Evil Dead Rise (2023)


I like Sam Raimi. Few people in Hollywood can make such wild and visually uncompromising films as he does, but he hasn’t wanted to be behind the camera lately. He also inherited the second Doctor Strange rather than being his heartthrob, but at least he helps the world of his colleagues’ films as a producer. Expecting him to return to his roots and try to direct another Evil Dead was probably naive, as a filmmaker he is already a bit different, and it would probably be a fight he can’t win. And so he also signed on as one of the producers under the new version. However, he gave a lot of advice to the fledgling Lee Cronin at her place. And he gave good advice.

You probably know this but for the record – Deadly Evil: The Awakening brings back the Necronomicon, but neither Bruce Campbell nor the old familiar scenery of the abandoned cabin in the woods will arrive. Although with the second one, it’s more like half the truth. The essential majority of the return of the horror legend takes place in a multi-story building. It is not in very good condition and only a few desperate people live in it, waiting for the time when they have to move out.

One of them is Ellie, who takes care of three children after breaking up with her husband and tries not to break down. Then when the irresponsible older sister Beth rings her doorbell and brings with her a lot of problems of her own, things start to boil a little between them. But all it takes is one stupid coincidence, the discovery of a strange book, and too much curiosity for both of them to have completely different problems. And with them the whole barracks. Evil goes on the hunt. And he intends to enjoy it as always.

Deadly Evil: The Awakening: Lee Cronin may have switched heroes and set the story in a new setting, but otherwise, his version of Deadly Evil is exactly what fans of the original film could have hoped for. I’m talking now about the attitude and trying to follow in the footsteps of the legend, not exactly about the qualities, we’ll look at those later. However, Cronin, like Raimi, relies on aggressive and often unpleasant directions, unusual camera angles, and an “in your face” approach.

It can wait for a scare, not that it doesn’t, but in Evil Dead it was more about something very ugly always shouting at the heroes and, by extension, the audience, and the unpleasant atmosphere was caused by an intense feeling of physical discomfort and discomfort. And that’s right here. I can’t remember a horror movie with better sound. All the scratching, slapping, yelling, loud profanity, and straining to see if the bugger is still out in the hallway or gone, they can get on your nerves. Mainly because Cronin isn’t afraid to top it all off with a veritable waterfall of terror, disgust, and creative violence.

When he walks through Ellie’s apartment in the beginning and shows all the ordinary things that you probably have at home, you start to get a little nervous. Because he knows that soon the director will use them in a completely different way. In addition, the promise of horror can turn into real horror, and I had a little trouble not looking away a few times. Most of the time, Deadly Evil is taken seriously (similar to Raimi’s number one, only the sequels brought humor to the series) and when it does come up with a joke, it usually takes the form of something very disgusting. In addition, other horror classics are sometimes nonviolently quoted here, you’ll keep your fingers crossed for the heroes because they’re likably ordinary, just as scared as you are, but never stupid, and the creators went crazy with masks.

So why isn’t it rated higher? I honestly had a really good time and the hour and a half went by pretty darn fast, but the whole time I was wondering if this type of horror is dead anymore. There is nothing to complain about the craftsmanship here, but the original Deadly Evil is a classic today to a large extent thanks to how “in your face” it was in the eighties and this element of shock and surprise is logically missing here. Either because after three films and a series, it is not surprising what the new version will be based on, but also because the perception of horror viewers has also shifted. And I’m not sure if he’ll appreciate this return to the Raimi style… although that’s probably not my problem in the end.

Play the trailer Deadly Evil: The Awakening is a fun return to the roots of the entire series, which manages to live up to the style of Sam Raimi, his predatory direction, imaginative brutality, and fast pace. It doesn’t dwell on anything

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