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Director-Garth Davis
Cast-Saoirse RonanPaul Mescal Aaron Pierre
Movie type- Thriller/Sci-fi
Producer-Garth Davis
Release date- 06 th February 2023
IMDB Rating-7.9
Languages- English
Duration-1 Hour 50 Minutes



Paul Mescal has been on a huge upward wave for several years, after this year’s premiere Gladiator 2 it may still get stronger. And it will probably be him, and not his partner and long-known screen star Saoirse Ronan, who will be a lure for most potential viewers of the film.Enemy, an intimate science fiction film directed by Garth Davis. Fans of the Irish actor’s talent may, however, feel a bit disappointed, because although Mescal creates a daring performance here, he himselfTo the enemylacks a bit of character.

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The main characters of the film are the creatorsLion. The way homeare Junior and his wife Henrietta, who run a farm in the middle of nowhere in 2065. Drinking water and unpolluted land are becoming increasingly scarce, the most valuable raw materials, and cities are overpopulated, which is why world governments have decided to construct a space station in Earth’s orbit, to which only qualified units selected by lot are sent. One of them turns out to be Junior, who finds out about it after an unexpected visit from Terrance (Aaron Pierre), who works for the government. The man enters the lives of the pair of heroes to learn about their relationship and to properly prepare… a replacement for Junior. It turns out that when the hero goes to the space station, instead of him, a perfectly prepared clone of her partner will appear in Henrieta’s life.

Already at this stage, the topic of Junior’s departure seems very problematic – not only can he not take his beloved with him, but they both have to face the idea of ​​replacing the hero with a programmed machine.Enemywithout hesitation, it thickens the atmosphere of conflict between the spouses, intensified not only by the vision of an imminent separation, but also by the presence of a nosy official who forces the characters to be honest, bordering on exhibitionism. Junior and Hen find themselves in a trap – the government does not allow them to refuse to go to the space station, and with each week of preparations for Junior’s mission, the couple feel more and more exploited. At first it seems that Garth Davis wants to zEnemyturn into a thoroughgoing psychological thriller – Mescal skillfully creates a hot-tempered, impulsive, brutal character – but quite quickly the director begins to drift towards metaphysical melodrama. However, the Terrence Malick-esque atmosphere seems to have no justification here, as it turns out that Davis is primarily interested in creating a portrait of a suffering marriage. However, we will not learn much about the sources of this suffering – we can only be sure that it began long before Terrance’s unannounced visit.

Those who were waiting afterIn the cornerexploration of themes typical of science fiction cinema, will be thoroughly disappointed with Davis’s film. The sci-fi genre convention is merely a plot framework that determines the events to a minimal extent – ultimately, at the center is the relationship between Henrietta and Junior, highly unstable, but still smoldering with the flame of love and attachment. And although there is no doubt that the two main characters have something unique in common, the creators too often get carried away by the aforementioned Malickian manner, which requires unnecessarily elevating the relationship between Henrietta and Junior and giving it an overly dramatic dimension. The dialogues lack naturalness, and the constant confrontations between the characters, both with each other and with the uninvited guest representing the government, often seem to lead nowhere.Enemyit is a film that wants to be a deep melodrama, but instead becomes, at best, a rickety parable about two young people whose feelings are put to the test by unfavorable circumstances. This love is so unconvincing that it is difficult to support Henrietta and Junior – even in the highly emotional finale.

Enemyhe tells his story coldly and this is the reaction he must encounter. It is difficult to “enter” Davis’s film because it offers neither pure science fiction content in large doses nor real, convincing emotions. We will find here high-level acting (Ronan is not inferior to Mescal) and a bit of mystery, which, however, promises a lot, but ultimately delivers little. This intimate science fiction drama sometimes leaves a terrible void, and the content cannot be filled even by the best acting performances.

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