Ghosted (2023)

Ghosted (2023)

Movie Details

Movie: Ghosted (2023)
Initial release: 21 April 2023
Director: Dexter Fletcher
Distributed by: Apple TV+
Edited by: Chris Lebenzon; Jim May; Josh Schaeffer
Music by: Lorne Balfe
Production companies: Apple Studios; Skydance
Cast: Chris Evans, Ana de Armas, Adrien Brody
Genre: Action/Romance
IMDB: 5.8/10
Language: English
Runtime: 1 Hour 56 Minutes


Ghosted (2023)


After the announcement of the new romance Ghosted, it seemed that the Apple TV+ streaming service had all the trump cards on its side. They managed to get audience favorite Chris Evans and the increasingly desirable Ana de Armas, who Hollywood is trying to make a new star, in front of the camera – a couple who, thanks to the crime scene in Knives and Gray Man, get along quite well in front of the camera.

Then the talented Dexter Fletcher sat in the director’s chair, who played the easy-going Orl Eddie or the praised Rocketman and was predicted to have a stellar tomorrow. The quality script should have been provided by the authors, who have the first Deadpool or Zombieland to their credit. So it seemed that a brisk romance with a grateful action bonus and an instant hit was born. But instead, we have another typical representative of generic streaming production, which will fall into oblivion in a few weeks.

At the same time, the story itself makes the viewer raise their eyebrows a little. We have the hopeless romantic and dreamer Cole, who, as the ideal modern man, sells organic food, and the mysterious Sadie, who has no time for relationships because she is always flying somewhere. And already at the first meeting at the market, there is a spark between them.

Well, at least that’s what one of the side characters says, because you won’t notice it under the layer of truly mind-boggling and nonsensical dialogues. Well, then they go on a date, which of course ends up in bed, and Cole starts to think he’s finally met the one and bombards her with texts like a true romantic. But she doesn’t answer any of them, so he decides to be even more romantic and follows her to London, where he wants to surprise her. However, he becomes the target of unknown kidnappers and soon discovers that his beloved is a secret agent. And then the action plot starts,

Ghosted got so many things wrong that I don’t even know where to begin. But I’ll take it from the already typed script. The latter is the simplest mixture of harmless romance, a simple main plot, and a would-be romantic topping. But he is so unbelievably sterile and unimaginative in all aspects that he is just boring for the entire footage and doesn’t have a chance to fully impress even a single target. The bickering and bickering between the central couple is mostly annoying rather than scripturally pointed, and humor is practically absent due to the dysfunctional dynamic between the characters. When it comes to an attempt, the viewer often gets a solid headache from it (a would-be funny cameo).

However, even more strange is the script work with characters and choices that the creators found funny and cute for some reason. This is especially the case with the character of Chris Evans, whose quest for romance is characterized by stalking, the thinking of a 14-year-old panic, or a relatively solid toxic behavior, which, although sometimes the other characters “jokingly” comment, does not change the fact that he seems very slimy and eerily so. He’s just an idiot, not cute or funny, just annoying. And you don’t know why you should keep your fingers crossed for him. I prefer not to talk about the incoherent scenario that introduces him as a judo, only to very soon turn him into an action fighter at ease shooting a shotgun and beating up bad guys (after all, he did wrestling in high school and that’s enough!).

One can’t even be surprised that Chris Evans is lost in his role despite certain efforts. Therefore, in the film, he is practically fighting himself and there is no time to build a functional chemistry between him and Ana de Armas. The actress is quite good at the action level, but she is absolutely out of place in the romantic passages and I sincerely hope that she will never step into this genre again. Therefore, the chemistry between the main pair is completely non-existent and it is rather laughable that the secondary characters have to point out the sexual spark several times because otherwise, you would not register it at all.

Unfortunately, even the bet on the last possible security did not work. Dexter Fletcher chose his weakest moment so far and served as a film without any creative zeal, idea, drive, or any major preoccupation. In the action, despite the monstrous digital background, he occasionally chooses a brighter moment, but otherwise, the film lacks his creative signature and gives the impression that Fletcher did not even enjoy filming and only made the film out of obligation. I’d rather not even think about whether it’s because this genre simply didn’t suit him, or the fact that he didn’t have the production supervision of Matthew Vaughn and his company Marv behind him for the first time.

Play the trailer Ghosted probably won’t be among the biggest movie hells of the year, at least the action is fine within the limits, and the likable Adrien Brody was the only one who knew what kind of crap it was playing in. Even so, the “Apple” news is a typical example of the routine tape production of streaming services, when a large sum of money is thrown out the window for an act that no one can even really care about. Why, when money and viewership are guaranteed thanks to famous names? This is a title that, despite its tinsel, just like Red Notice or Gray Man, will soon fizzle out and because of the wasted effort to fill the genre box, it does not bring anything new.

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