Halloween Ends (2022)

Halloween Ends (2022)

Movie Details

Movie: Halloween Ends (2022)
Director: David Gordon Green
Cast: Jamie Lee Curtis, Andi Matichak, and James Jude Courtney
Movie Type: Horror/Mystery
Release date: 14 October 2022
IMDB Rating: 5/10
Language: English
Duration: 1h 51m


Halloween Ends (2022)


When David Gordon Green and Danny McBride hit theaters four years ago with the sequel to Carpenter’s original Halloween Ends, fans were ecstatic. They served us a 100% old-school and atmospheric dense slasher, which paid the greatest respect to the original and also developed the characters in an interesting direction. So everyone was curious as to what the creative duo would come up with next in the intended trilogy. But now they might prefer to take those words back. The second part of Halloween Kills rocketed into the category of dull and annoying killers, which also in some ways denied the previous part. The conclusion of the trilogy, in which the fateful and final encounter between the two horror icons is to take place, unfortunately, does not improve these impressions.

It’s been four years since Myers‘ last Halloween spree, and the residents of the town of Haddonfield still haven’t fully recovered from the event. Especially because the masked magor fled to who knows where and it continues to affect the psyche or fear of many people. But Laurie wants to move on, which means she keeps baking and writing a book. Her granddaughter Allyson is also trying to start a new life and looks up to the local outcast with a dark past, Corey. He comes to terms with a terrifying event that makes him the target of attacks and bullying from residents. And the situation soon begins to bloody escalate, as Michael Myers is not that far away again.

As in the case of the second part, this time Green and McBride decided to go in a slightly different direction. The problem is that this is the direction and processing that nobody cares about, especially in the big “finale” of the saga. While last time the script focused on the trauma of an entire town, now we have a reckoning with a horrific tragedy and questions like how evil and darkness arise. And all this in a film that is actually “anti-Halloween” in many ways and for most of the footage ignores all the attributes that make this brand iconic. This sounds like a cute experiment on the one hand, but in these creative hands, and especially at this stage of the story, it doesn’t work.

In translation, this means that both Laurie and Myers are essentially secondary characters here. After all, the legendary killer doesn’t get going for the first time after an hour of footage, and in total, he appears in the film for about 10 minutes! And there’s a homeless man in the sewers who barely moves in some scenes! So forget about the fateful and emotional build-up to the final clash, which at least the trailers tried to do. Here, the final battle happens by accident, and after all the chaos, it has no emotional impact on the fans.

The plot around Corey’s new character and his flirtation with darkness takes up most of the footage here. In other words, something that fans are not interested in, and what’s more, it’s handled in a convulsive and unconvincing dialogue. The would-be attempt at psychology doesn’t go well with a straightforward old-fashioned slasher, and the creators’ attempt in certain scenes sounds unintentionally ridiculous. In addition, it is as boring as a pig, in which nothing happens for an hour and the viewer wonders what he is watching in the “magnificent” finale.

And it’s a shame that the authors got bogged down in story nonsense. Although the atmosphere falls apart under Green’s hands due to the boring plot, he still does not have a problem with the careful building of tension in some scenes or nice games with the camera. And when the killing finally starts, fans of brutality will get their money’s worth. Bits of Carpenter’s atmosphere peek out from time to time, as well as a functional soundtrack again. Jamie Lee Curtis then tries to enjoy her farewell to the franchise as much as the script allows, and I hope that the likable Andi Matichak sticks around outside of the horror saga. But there are still a few positives given the boredom and the screenwriter’s malaise.

Halloween Ends is not saying goodbye at the top (for now) and most fans would probably like the Michael Myers resurrection to have ended two episodes ago. Green and McBride ran out of creative breath faster than we wanted, and the nice old-school return to the roots turned into something that we probably didn’t even need to see in this series. The killing duo was even a little more stupid and tedious. The fact that the viewer experiences the long-awaited finale as a result, and the end itself leaves him with exactly zero emotions after all these years, speaks volumes.

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