Infiesto (2023)

Infiesto -2023

Movie Details

Director-:Patxi Amezcua
Cast-Isak Férriz: Plays Samuel García
Iria del Río: Plays Marta Castro
Juan Fernández: Plays Comisario Basterra
Antonio Buíl: Plays Sargento Ramos
Andrea Barrado: Plays Saioa
Ana Villa: Plays Julia
Luis Zahera: Plays Marina
María Mera: Plays Lidia Vega
Isabel Naveira: Plays Paz Nogueira
Ismael Fritschi: Plays Mataperros
José Manuel Poga: Plays El Demonio
Patricia Defran: Plays Ayudante del Comisario
Sandra Escacena: Plays Enfermera
Movie type- Thriller/Mystery
Release date- 3 February 2023
IMDB Rating-5.6
Languages- Spanish (Spain), German, English, French, Italian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese.
Duration-1 Hour 36 Minute




Since its release at the beginning of February, the Spanish crime film Infiesto has consistently remained in the TOP 10 most watched films on Netflix – at least in the Czech Republic and a number of other countries, especially in Europe. There is no need to make a secret about the fact that this Netflix acquisition is a thoroughly mediocre work, so all that remains is to snort tiredly at the domestic popularity of routinely processed detective stories.

To be fair, the Infiesto two strengths must be acknowledged. The title refers to a real-life small town in northwestern Spain, and the traditionally rainy Galician climate combined with the dilapidated dwellings of the locals lends the story a darker, almost Fincherian feel. And secondly, the narrative takes place in March 2020, more precisely during the first days of the covid lockdown that hit Spain.

Thanks to these extreme circumstances, we get to know the central pair of investigators very quickly, through their closest relationships. Inspector Samuel Garcia is not allowed to visit his old and sick mother due to the lockdown, his colleague Marta Castro has problems with her covid-infected friend, who is gradually transferred from home isolation to the hospital and connected to pulmonary ventilation.

The spatio-temporal anchoring in the starting pandemic helps to overcome an obvious screenwriting problem – namely, the audience’s unfamiliarity with the investigators’ past. The story about several missing women seems like a slower, darker and more narrative episode of a long-running crime series, in which we also assume the building of relationships between the characters. However, there is no room for that, so after the initial look around, a rather complicated investigation begins, the core of which is not only about the crimes themselves, but also about the interconnectedness of the entire small-town community.

The atmosphere and muted colors are apt to be compared to Dark Case, which, however, could afford to take its time and draw the viewer into the story step by step. Even Infiesto would deserve a deeper dive into the history of the town and its surroundings.

The footage, slightly exceeding an hour and a half, does not provide enough time to consistently delineate the relationships between the characters and their environment, which leads to occasional haste, unreliable twists and revelations, which in reality would have to be figured out in another and different way. The final action is reminiscent of Silence of the Lambs, but until the end you can’t get rid of the impression that the viewer has from the beginning – compared to TV projects, Infiesto offers a slightly larger scale and more exteriors, but otherwise it is no different from the consumer crime entertainment that we they serve television several times a week.

Director and screenwriter ` routinely bets on elements that (didn’t) work already in his previous crime films. They were also fairly fast-paced thrillers, thanks to which you can bridge the evening, but they hardly lived up to any higher expectations.

Infiesto captures at least the moments of uncertainty in the first days of the pandemic, which most of us have already successfully forgotten – even the characters in the film do not know how seriously to take the unknown threat and whether it really makes sense to wear masks. In this way, they drive away stress and fear for their loved ones with high work commitment, which the complicated investigation fortunately enables them to do – and reminds us that even in the confusing periods of the lockdown, many people had to work hard and selflessly. Which is nice, but still a little short for a feature film.

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