Jurassic world dominion (2022)

Jurassic world dominion (2022)
Jurassic world dominion (2022)

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Jurassic world dominion (2022)
Director-: : Colin Trevorrow
Cast-Chris Pratt Bryce Dallas HowardLaura Dern
Movie type- Action/Sci-fi
Release date- 10 June
IMDB Rating-5.6
Languages- English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Oriya, Urdu, Tulu, Assamese
Duration-2 Hour 27 Minutes


Jurassic world dominion (2022)


We’ve made it. 65 million years after the extinction (or evolution) of prehistoric reptiles, almost 30 years after the premiere of Steven Spielberg’s original, the Jurassic blockbuster series is coming to an end. Are you sure? Dominion closes many threads and presents the evolution of a world facing fundamental change while leaving the door ajar for its further development. With this in mind, I would not take the loud slogans about the “great culmination of the series” used to promote this production too literally. Colin Trevorrow’s new film is a simply engaging story about the consequences of opening Pandora’s box of harnessing the power of genetics. I think that despite a few minor or major mistakes, the whole thing works very well.

A controversial starting point

The starting point of the plot is undoubtedly one of the most controversial elements of the new Jurassic World. People who want a catastrophic spectacle with dinosaurs stepping into the shoes of Godzilla, who spreads destruction, will have to relish it. Viewers who expect that the protagonists’ task will be to save the world from the omnipresence of prehistoric reptiles will also be disappointed. The main plot conflict concerns the dangers of general access to powerful genetic bioengineering tools.

After the events of Fallen Kingdom, there is no going back; catching the few dozen dinosaurs that have scattered across the Californian wilderness won’t solve the problem, because the core of it is something else. Thanks to a black market auction of dinosaurs, the knowledge enabling cloning and modifying the genetic code of extinct species has become open-source technology. Previously reserved for Dr. Wu and his colleagues, it is now available to anyone who can afford to use it. Add to this sold reptiles and suitcases with embryos, as well as sources of prehistoric DNA living in the wild, and we have a recipe for a world in which dinosaurs become part of everyday life.

However, Colin Trevorrow and Emily Carmichael, responsible for the script, came to the right conclusion that the reptiles brought back to existence are not mad monsters threatening the existence of human civilization. Their presence is associated with numerous problems and dangers, but learning to coexist is possible.

Wild animals do not voluntarily set out to conquer noisy cities – fortunately, this was not forgotten when writing this story. A much more realistic doomsday scenario is an ecological catastrophe, and this is what the (Jurassic) world is facing. Only four years after the finale of Fallen Kingdom, the gigacorporation BioSyn makes a catastrophically irresponsible mistake by introducing a genetically modified (a hybrid of modern and prehistoric species) locust specimen into the ecosystem, the population of which is completely getting out of control and threatening an unprecedented crisis on the food market.

This biblically apocalyptic scenario brings to mind the wrath of the creator sending a plague as punishment for arrogant attempts to equalize him – a very typical comment for this series. The scale of the threat is quickly noticed by three well-known characters: Ellie Sattler, Alan Grant, and Ian Malcolm. Reconciled after many years, they decided to draw public attention to BioSyn’s activities before it was too late. Their mission is torpedoed by the company’s director, Lewis Dodgson, whose shady business practices we saw already in the first Jurassic Park.

By hiring the greedy Nedry to steal embryos, young Dogson showed that he had no qualms about risking the lives of others if it served the company’s interests. His modern version is even poorer morally and at the same time fits into the canon of human villains of the Jurassic series (from which the caricatured antagonists of Fallen Kingdom departed somewhat ). He is a small, pathetic man driven only by the desire for profit. The fear of embarrassment to the company and loss of status is Dogson’s driving force in Dominion, which makes him a very authentic, but at the same time unglamorous character on screen. A villain like many in our world – no charismatic criminal genius with a sinister plan, just a greedy coward with sewer morality.

Experimental form and dinosaurs
Desperate attempts to cover up the disaster lead to the heroes of the previous two installments of the series being drawn into the intrigue; After four relatively peaceful years of staying on the sidelines (and making occasional efforts to help the dinosaurs) and finding their place as surrogate parents, Owen and Claire must drop everything and join the fight against Bio Syn.

Their adoptive daughter (the world’s first and only human clone) Maisie and the unexpected (and extremely adorable) velociraptor offspring Blue have a role to play in this story – whether they want to or not. The desperate chase started by Owen and Claire brings Dominion closer in the genre to the new Bonds and the Bourne trilogy … with a prominent role of dinosaurs, of course. This is not the cinematic aesthetic that the Jurassic series has accustomed us to, but the sixth installment is a very good place for this type of experimentation. The crazy sequence taking place in Malta is something we haven’t seen before in this universe, and thanks to the good justification for the presence of dinosaurs at the very center of the action, the consistency of their depiction is not disturbed.

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