Lady Chatterley’s Lover(2022)

Lady Chatterley's Lover(2022)
Lady Chatterley’s Lover(2022)

Movie Details

Lady Chatterley’s Lover(2022)
Director: Laure de Clermont-Tonnerre
Cast-Emma Corrin: Plays Lady Constance Chatterley
Jack O’Connell: Plays Oliver Mellors
Matthew Duckett: Plays Clifford Chatterley, a British nobleman paralyzed below the waist after the war
Joely Richardson: Plays Mrs. Bolton
Faye Marsay: Plays Hilda
Ella Hunt: Plays Mrs. Flint
Nicholas Bishop: Plays Ned
Eugene O’Hare: Plays Michaelis
Movie type- Romance/Drama
Release date- 2 September 2022
IMDB Rating-6.6
Languages- English.
Duration-2 Hour 07 Minutes


Lady Chatterley’s Lover(2022)


Lying in the holidays with pneumonia is no big deal. On the other hand, what better way to know a good movie than when it keeps your attention even during the greatest delirium. This is exactly what happened to the new romance from Netflix, which was already slightly praised by Cival in the last MZ live. I got Lady Chatterly’s Lover a few days later and now I can happily join it.

The film, directed by rising star Laura de Clermont-Tonnerre (Wild Mustang), is already the umpteenth adaptation of the famous book by DH Lawrence, so if you’ve seen any of the older versions, the one from 1993 with Sean Bean and Joely Richardson will probably be the most famous, it doesn’t have your story what to surprise Nevertheless, I will briefly summarize it.

The charming Connie (Emma Corrin) marries the British aristocrat Clifford Chatterly (Matthew Duckett), but he is wounded in the war and upon his return, Connie discovers that they will not be able to have sex, and probably not even children. In addition, she is weakened by the fact that she has to constantly take care of her husband, while he neglects her needs. So when the attractive, mysterious and not very eloquent gamekeeper Mellors (Jack O’Connel) arrives on the property, a tense love triangle is brewing.

What slightly separates the new version from the previous ones is mainly the naturalistic camera and light. This is probably intended to underline the animality of the whole plot, when the initial intercourse between Mellors and Connie basically takes place in such a way that they tear everything off and simply give it to each other. But this moment comes only after about half an hour of the story, when you first watch young Connie – who is excellently played by the talented Emma Corrin aka young Diana from Koruna – accumulate frustration, sexual unfulfillment, and also desire. The film then beautifully captures what happens when you finally give all these things a go. In addition, Emma and Jack have great chemistry and thus form one of the best couples that have appeared on the screen in this genre in recent years.

Which brings me to the erotic scenes. These are of course filmed with sensitivity, even if you see the actors naked and in relatively delicate positions. So don’t expect any porn, not even softcore. As attractive as Emma and Jack are as a couple, they still play with their feelings, emotions and how they both try to turn the situation they find themselves in as best and as carefully as possible from the forbidden fruit into something more. On the other hand, if you were disappointed by what Ana de Armas and Ben Affleck did in the erotic drama Deep Water this year, you will definitely enjoy Lady Chatterly’s Lover.

The film is just over two hours long, but it flies by like water, and in addition to relationships and sex, it also deals with other themes of the period, such as the detachment of the British aristocracy from the problems of ordinary people. Although it doesn’t go into much depth in this direction, it adds sympathetically to the complexity of the whole story. The secondary roles of the above-mentioned Joely Richardson, who in the new version played a caregiver who starts taking care of the injured Clifford in the course of the film, while she gets closer to his unhappy wife Connie, will also please you. In addition to the unconventional camera, the film was complemented by very accurate music, which is always a big plus for these period romantics.

Play the trailer-All in all, it is a fresh craft that does not fundamentally update the bold original, but adapts it with feeling, understanding and a large amount of natural elements, which will make you feel extremely pleasant and human all the time around this red bookcase. As usual, it could be shortened a little, I also felt that the script was unnecessarily literal in a few scenes, but within the genre it is still a nice canapé devoid of all kitsch, which probably will not strive for the position of a new classic, but it is still one of the best, what Netflix has to offer in 2022.

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