Last Seen Alive (2022)

Last Seen Alive (2022)

Movie Details

Movie: Last Seen Alive (2022)
Director: Brian Goodman
Cast: Gerard Butler, Jaimie Alexander, Russell Hornsby
Genres: Action/Thriller
Release date: 12 May 2022
IMDB Rating: 5.7/10
Languages: English
Duration: 1h 35m


Last Seen Alive (2022)


When Gerard Butler made The Three Stooges and enjoyed its success he probably expected to become a big action star but in the end it was only half successful. Of course, this is partly due to the fact that there is not nearly as much interest in purely action movies as there was years ago, but also to the fact that, in addition to his career as a film tough guy, he also tried to get a hold of himself in romantic comedies. Which, of course, I don’t blame him at all, but the fact that he is not and never has been the new Schwarzenegger, Willis or Stallone is no surprise. Nevertheless, thanks to the Fall of the White House series and the ability to choose interesting and not quite expensive action projects, it remains somewhere between the A’s and the B’s. and have given the lack of competition. But maybe he could forgive his new Last Seen Alive.

This time, Butler plays no retired member of Delta Force or a cop with a twenty-year career, but an ordinary guy with a construction company and a marriage in ruins. Both Will and his wife Lisa know they have problems, but they’re ready to deal with them, and now they’re on their way to Lisa’s parents. But when a few kilometers before the destination they stop at a gas station to fill up and buy a drink, Lisa disappears without a trace. Her husband can’t find her anywhere, the local shopkeeper doesn’t know anything, and the police will help him, but again he won’t come clean. And so it’s ultimately up to Will to start searching on his own. And he revealed that the inconspicuous Buranov hides one very ugly secret for which kind that people die for.

With its plot, Last Seen Alive recalls the 1990s Breakdown, where the wife of Kurt Russell, also an ordinary guy who had yet to become a hero, disappeared without a trace. But Breakdown was directed by Jonathan Mostow and he did such a good job that he got him in charge of the third Terminator. That probably can’t happen to Brian Goodman. Goodman started as an actor some twenty-five years ago, but he never had a role that kicked him out among the familiar faces. And it will probably be the same with the direction. Not that he really messes things up behind the camera, unfortunately his third directorial effort is kind of lackluster in every way.

Goodman fails to disguise the fact that he didn’t have much money and the whole of Last Seen Alive looks like an episode of some routine television crime series. Although there are attempts to revive the faded direction with a non-chronological narrative, and a few shootouts do not seem completely wasted, it is evident from the beginning that Goodman, even as a director, is at best among routines. And that he is lucky to have cast Butler in the main role, for whom the more civilian position of an ordinary guy, whose circumstances force him to become a hero and who gets punched in the mouth during battles, until he unexpectedly sits down. However, his participation is also a bit of a problem for Last Seen Alive.

I don’t know what led Butler to give the nod to this otherwise uninteresting ride. But his name in the credits raises the expectations to a level that Goodman and Last Seen Alive will not be able to achieve for one reason or another (money, talent). Butler in the lead role raises unrealistic expectations, and although I would like to repeat that he manages the role without any problems, he is simply too big a star for such a small and insignificant film. Last Seen Alive is a cheap movie that should star someone like Taylor Kitch or Sam Worthington. Someone who does not raise hopes that this could be a significantly above average spectacle and you probably understood that it is not.

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