Luck (2022)

Luck (2022)

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Luck (2022)
Director: Peggy Holmes
Cast: Eva Noblezada, Simon Pegg, and Jane Fonda
Movie Genres: Comedy/Fantasy
Release date: 2 August 2022
IMDB Rating: 6.4/10
Languages: English
Duration: 1h 37m




Everyone is the maker of their happiness. This is the philosophy that I and many others hold in my life, so at the moment I can’t complain at all that with my tempo of one animated film in two years, I chose the one that didn’t do very well the day before yesterday. We are talking about the new animated film Happiness on Apple TV+, which, among other things, is also the first significant project of the newly created branch of Skydance Animation, whose head some time ago was John Lasseter, the slightly discredited former hitmaker of Walt Disney, who was forced to leave after certain accusations were made against him. No big deal, after all, he found a job pretty quickly. Judging by his latest film (directed by the not-so-vetted Peggy Holmes), the “movie luck” has probably left him after all.

The film revolves around a certain Sam, a young girl whose bad luck is on her heels. Imagine a sidewalk with three chewing gum sticks to it – Sam is the type of person who would get all three stuck to his shoes and still have a fourth one spat out of his mouth by a random passerby. But one day, Sam finds a “lucky coin“, thanks to which everything in her life suddenly turns for the better. That is until he flushes her down the toilet. The problem is that she didn’t just get the coin by accident, and when she discovers that the black cat Bob (Simon Pegg) from whom she received the coin is part of a secret organization that controls the world’s luck and bad luck, she decides to chase her to the Land of Fortune itself, where the whole adventure is just beginning. And that’s exactly the problem because the already complicated premise gets even more complicated until it gradually beats you with more and more daring concepts, which include, among others, leprechauns, dragons, unicorns, a multi-level process of making happiness, magical run, etc.

Film critics often tend to reprove movies about how ill-conceived they are. Unfortunately, luck is the opposite case, because most of the time it gives the impression that the creators thought too much about it. Under normal circumstances, this would be a good thing because it would mean that it is packed from head to toe with visual ideas, has an unshakable script, interesting characters, a fresh plot, and a wonderfully graduated ending. Unfortunately, Luck doesn’t have any of that, instead, it just convulsively copies its predecessors, the characters don’t interest you even given the absence of prominent actors (only Pegg stands out), and when it gets to the finale after that hour and a half, you happier that it’s over, rather than having the emotions of the ride you just experienced mature in you.

Another problem is that the film does not target any age group. For the youngest, there will be things they either don’t understand or aren’t cute enough to laugh at, grown children would list a hundred better ways to entertain themselves after ten minutes than watching a cartoon like this, and for adults, there are a confusing, an confused fantasy world and a banal message that every bad luck can be turned into something positive. As much as I have recently praised the work of the technological giant Apple, this has all the parameters of an average animation from someone’s strip production, which is therefore on the stream as if to have, not to say, but everyone will forget about it in a few days. Better watch The Rocketeer on Disney+, with which I am also willing to finally break my weak rythm. Unfortunately, you won’t have much luck with Luck.

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