M3GAN (2022)


Movie Details

Director: Gerard Johnstone
Cast-Allison Williams: Plays Gemma, Cady’s aunt who is the creator of M3GAN. Williams is also known for her role in the 2017 Jordan Peele movie Get Out.
Violet McGraw: Plays Cady James, Gemma’s orphaned niece who relies on M3GAN.
Jenna Davis: Voices M3GAN. Davis is also known for her roles in Maggie and Monica (2022) and Chicken Girls (2017).
Brian Jordan Alvarez: Plays Cole. Alvarez has appeared in several independent movies and TV shows.
Ronny Chieng: Plays David Lin, the CEO of Gemma’s company.
Amie Donald: Plays M3GAN.
Jen Van Epps: Plays Tess.
Stephane Garneau-Monten: Plays Kurt.
Lori Dungey: Plays Celia.
Movie type- Horror/Sci-fi
Release date- 6 January 2023
IMDB Rating-6.4
Languages- English, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, Bulgarian.
Duration-1 Hour 42 Minutes




M3GAN is the perfect marketing product. I mean the doll and the movie itself. After a few days of watching it, it’s almost hard for me to separate one from the other, but as much as I have to pay tribute to the producing horror icons James Wan and Jason Blum, the actual result on the screen is really more of a mouthful and a promise of things to come. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, because apparently every generation needs a killer doll, and after Chucky or Annabelle, M3GAN, a six-foot-tall titanium barbie powered by artificial intelligence, will be the one for the current Tiktok youth.

The opening plot kick is as simple as slapping a snowmobile, after all, it’s the one that sweeps ten-year-old Cady’s parents’ car off the road. The still-shaking orphan is brought to Aunt Gemma, a thirty-year-old programmer from Silicon Valley who understands more about program development than child development, so she includes the poor child with hi-tech toys rather than attention. Allison Williams and her cool cuckoo are perfect for this role. From a plush Tamagotchi, it’s just a step to a prototype girl’s android named M3GAN (Model 3 Generative ANdroid) – the ideal companion for an adopted daughter. What could possibly go wrong, right?

The combination of a little girl thrown by a tragic accident and an advanced android that someone forgot to program the three laws of robotics would lead to a murderous orphan in Japanese anime who wants to take revenge on the world with the help of his own terminator, but M3GAN takes a more feasible PG-13 route (the uncensored version is said to exists and we’ll see it on VOD), in which the pieces on the chessboard are set up well in advance and the rest of the footage is mostly filled with criticism of software engineers. I could cover the sloppy scenario by the fact that in various startups security protocols and B plans are not looked at much. As Zuckerberg once said when developing Facebook: Move fast and break things. That’s what M3GAN can really do, and because the little girl gets attached to it and the bond works backwards,

M3GAN logically reaches for more and more drastic solutions, while no one suspects the cute doll. Here in the third act, you will have to use your imagination a little, because as soon as animals and people start disappearing in the area, the police would probably be a little suspicious of the smart android prototype. When M3GAN goes into full terminator mode at the end, you have to throw away logic completely, because we are in a slasher universe, where trying to have fun has to break away from the laws of reality.

Anyone expecting horror from M3GAN, if not full of gore, then at least some distress (and I’m not talking about the uncanny valley when looking at a doll singing Taylor Swift’s hits), should probably look elsewhere. This is a product that often teeters on the edge of subtle violence and dark humor, mixed up in such a way that no one is too afraid, but rather enjoys the subtle unease at a time when toys powered by various algorithms are starting to appear, artificial intelligence takes on concrete contours and photorealistic dolls and virgins are a common part of the cultural space not only in films, but also in online shops and YouTube videos (yes, some virgins can be mistaken for people, e.g. on Twitch, but that’s another horror story). It is not surprising that mainly teenagers showed up in the cinemas on the opening weekend, because the film is primarily aimed at younger people,

Play the trailerDirector Gerard Johnstone did a solid routine, but I would like to draw attention mainly to screenwriter Akela Cooper. She already has last year’s Malevolent Evil, where she didn’t have to tame herself so much, and after M3GAN, she will complete the hat trick of girls’ horror films with the continuation of the Nun. Targeting a female audience – rarely seen in horror films – is clearly evident in her work, leading to new flavors and shades. Only time will tell if it will definitely enrich horror as a genre. As much as I maneuver between six and seven with M3GAN, this aspect makes me reach for a higher number. Already because in a possible sequel, the creators could get off to a good start and wake up not only the dolls, but the entire connected household through artificial intelligence. I would very much like such Home Alone with intelligent appliances.

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