Matilda the Musical(2022)

Matilda the Musical(2022)
Matilda the Musical(2022)

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Matilda the Musical(2022)
Director: Matthew Warchus
Cast-Emma Thompson: Plays Miss Trunchbull, the headmistress who refers to children as “maggots” and believes in punishing creativity and joy
Lashana Lynch: Plays Miss Jennifer Honey, Matilda’s teacher who is the opposite of Miss Trunchbull
Alisha Weir: Plays Matilda Wormwood, a gifted bookworm who is misunderstood by her cruel parents and headmistress
Stephen Graham: Plays Mr. Wormwood, Matilda’s father, who is a conman
Andrea Riseborough: Plays Mrs. Wormwood, Matilda’s mother
Sindhu Vee: Plays Mrs. Phelps
Rei Yamauchi Fulker: Plays Lavender
Movie type- Musical/Fantasy
Release date- 2 December 2022
IMDB Rating-7
Languages- English.
Duration-1 Hour 54 Minutes


Matilda the Musical(2022)


The writer Roald Dahl will probably forever be among the authors whose works and unmistakable personal style will be heard by children’s audiences and Hollywood producers. After all, one of his most famous characters, eccentric Willy Wonka, will return to the cinema screens this year. Also, the story of young Matilda is no longer completely unknown to viewers, especially thanks to the fine adaptation from the nineties, which you probably still vaguely remember. This time, however, the creators did it a little differently. The inspiration was not only the children’s literary classic, but also the successful children’s musical of the same name, which was created according to her. And in order for Netflix to guarantee its success and quality, the authors of the musical, led by director Matthew Warchus, undertook the new adaptation. However, did they manage to effectively and functionally translate their theatrical roots into a full-length feature?

Again, we get the story of young Matilda, whom her parents didn’t want, her father calls her a boy, and she didn’t even go to school for many years. However, this is changing now, and her teacher soon discovers that Matilda is not only an avid reader, but also a very talented and brilliant girl. This does not please the sadistic headmistress of the school with dictatorial tendencies, who hates children and wants to level the rebellious new student. However, she also finds some special abilities in herself and decides to defy her fate. Will little Matilda unleash a children’s revolution at school?

It must be said that there is not much to complain about in terms of craftsmanship. You can tell from the result that the material was worked on by people who have a great relationship with the material and have already gathered some experience in the musical field. The film is properly playful, has drenched dance choreography and enough catchy songs and tunes in which the child actors can easily sell their musical talent. The director skilfully manages to combine Dahl’s poetics and themes with the theatrical version and at the same time give the film the right childlike feeling. And then there’s the great cast, led of course by the excellent and perfectly disguised Emma Thompson, who relishes every second of her monstrous villain, making you fear and enjoy her at the same time. Fortunately, the bet on thirteen-year-old Alisha Weir also paid off, and next to the acting matador and the likeable Lashana Lynch, she was definitely not lost.

In the category of children’s playful musicals that you can entertain your youngsters with on Netflix, Matilda actually completely fulfills its purpose, even so it didn’t leave a big impression on me. The new movie is aimed mainly at a younger target audience and I’m afraid that it doesn’t have much to offer to older viewers apart from the excellent Thompson and the dark school environment. The film is sometimes too sweet and clichéd for that, and in the second half it doesn’t progress so much, but rather uses its musical concept too much. There are perhaps too many songs for my taste, and the viewer simply has to get used to the fact that newborns and a gynecologist also “sing” here. The quality of individual songs is somewhat variable after all. Yes, some songs are great and stick in your head (Revolting Children, When I Grow Up), but others pay for the overburnt length. And personally I have to admit,

Play the trailerThe musical Matilda actually fulfilled its task nicely and contains, in addition to several decent songs, great playfulness and proper childish charm. Unfortunately, in my opinion, it does not contain much extra for the more mature viewer, the emotions do not work very well here and the whole thing actually flew out of my head unexpectedly quickly. On the other hand, if you’re a fan of Roald Dahl and musicals of all kinds, feel free to add an extra point to my rating and give Little Matilda a chance. At least your kids won’t regret watching.

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