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Director-: : Fritz Lang
Cast-Brigitte Helm Alfred Abel Gustav Fröhlich
Movie type- Fritz Lang
Release date- 10 January
IMDB Rating-8.3
Languages- German and English.
Duration-2 Hour 33 Minutes




First there was a film by Fritz Lang with the same title. Metropolis in the anime convention is a remake of the ancient production from 1927. Is it a successful remake? When I started watching this revival of the quite old film by Fritz Lang, I had some concerns. First of all – will it be possible to transfer such a film into the anime genre? Secondly, it was supposed to be another science fiction film. Of course, all the anime of this genre that I have seen were at least good, but I had heard and read a lot about Metropolis before watching it. It was supposed to be science fiction, not action, but some kind of reflection and thought.

Without beating around the bush – I like such films a bit less (though of course there are real gems that perfectly suit my taste) – but it’s not strange, since I’m mainly a fan of action films. My intuition also oscillated around another, very important film feature – curiosity. I was afraid that the film would be monotonous or even boring. That’s why I sat down to it with complete indifference, and I could even say – out of my own compulsion. After over 100 minutes, fortunately, I calmed down and felt satisfied. The compulsion turned out to be pleasure, and the supposed monotony turned into curiosity. Yes – that’s all I can say as an introduction to encourage you to watch Mr. Rintaro’s production. An intriguing plot and script, as well as an interesting production of the entire film are definitely its greatest advantages.

The titular Metropolis is a wonderful city of the future – buildings made of metal and glass, soaring skyscrapers, impressive buildings and highly developed technology. The city and its appearance are one of the most important elements of the film – all the events take place here and this is where the great tragedy will occur. Producers keep showing us its subsequent parts and its good and bad sides. Well, the city looks really great from the outside, but the truth is slightly different. Delving into its lower and lower levels, we discover the dark side of Metropolis. The lowest levels hide various types of slums where people live in terrible conditions. Even lower there are some landfills and garbage dumps, as well as various factories. In addition, there are huge reactors, sewage and radioactive waste. No light from outside reaches here, which is why it is so gloomy and dark. No one wants or even dares to descend to lower levels – mainly because of the dangers that lurk there. Even getting there (fortunately) is not that easy – you need a permit and a special pass.

The center of the film is the project of creating a certain creature by the prince of Metropolis – Red. This project is a little girl named Tima. Tima is, of course, the latest generation of cyborg and will be used by Red to control the entire city and generate powerful energy. The prince is trying to stop his adopted son Rock – not only does he hate robots, but he also cannot imagine that one of them could one day sit on the throne. The resistance movement originating from the lower levels of the city also tries to prevent the implementation of the prince’s plan. Their goal is to prevent another Tower of Babel from being built – man tries to reach the sky in spite of God and build a powerful city, which over time he will not be able to control himself…

History tends to repeat itself – you can guess that over time everything will end tragically… Returning to the main plot – Rock finally reaches the hidden laboratory and blows it up. However, Tima survived, and Kenichi finds her first. Now both of them will still be running away from the crazy Rock, who wants to complete his plan and get rid of the girl at all costs. Over time, a feeling of true friendship develops between Tima and Kenichi, then the girl learns that she is a cyborg and for what purpose she was really created. In the final part, the story reaches its apogee and Tima shows his true colors.

Like a certain computer game
The production of the entire image itself is very interesting – the mixing of traditional animation and drawing with computer (digital) technology and animation is not everything – there is also the appearance and creations of all the characters that appear on the screen. This is not a traditional Japanese line, but something a little different, new. And that’s why it was difficult for me to get used to it at first, I even felt some disgust caused by too much contrast (more on that in a moment), but the longer I watched the film, the better and more colorful it looked in my eyes. I would like to expand on the topic of the contrast mentioned above – specifically between the appearance of the characters and the appearance of the surroundings. The characters themselves have a childish, fairy-tale look – some even funny. But only the appearance, because the personality, feelings and their entire interior are most mature. I really like this contrast between the characters and the realistic surroundings (i.e. the entire city).

This is not the end, because the musical setting is also interesting – everyone probably expects some electronic background music or traditional, classic film music – and here there is such a surprise, because we mainly hear a mixture of two styles – jazz and swing from the 1930s. Of course, there are also classic compositions. . Such contrasts are quite a risky approach – the question arises whether viewers will like it. In this case, it definitely worked – the whole thing was really flawless and very interesting. While watching Metropolis, I immediately thought of a comparison to another product – but not a movie, but a certain game very famous in the computer world.

I’m talking about a great work called Final Fantasy 7 . This is one of the best role-playing games (if not the best), specifically Japanese RPGs, that I have played. An amazing world, all the characters, atmosphere and a fantastic story. I spent dozens of hours with her and got to know her inside out. And the similarities to Metropolis are primarily the creations and appearance of the characters described above (childish appearance, mature personality) and the futuristic appearance of the city – in this case, the monumental, titular Metropolis. Watching some of the animations in the video felt like I was looking at rendered inserts in Final Fantasy 7 . Maybe that’s why I liked this movie so much.

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