Naked Lunch(1991)

Naked Lunch(1991)
Naked Lunch(1991)

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Naked Lunch(1991)
Director-: : David Cronenberg
Cast-Peter Weller,Judy ,DavisIan Holm
Movie type- Sci-fi/Horror
Release date- 24 April
IMDB Rating-6.9
Languages- English, Arabic, and Spanish
Duration-1 Hour 55 Minutes



William took out a revolver, his wife timidly put the glass with the half-drunk drink on his head. Burroughs took careful aim and fired from two meters. The bad news is that the glass wasn’t broken. Surprised, William realized after a while that the bullet was stuck in his wife’s forehead, and she fell dead on the spot. This was the tragic beginning of the literary career of the leading experimenter of American artistic bohemia and the author of the novel Naked Lunch .

They call me a disinsector. I once poisoned cockroaches and watched them belly dance in yellow insecticide. My current task: find the living and exterminate them. Destroy not bodies, but matrices – Burroughs confides in his drug-fueled novel.

Naked Lunch , from which David Cronenberg created an equally enigmatic, delirious world. The film, created in 1991, is a meeting of two artists fascinated by the disgusting side of human nature: wild, unrestrained violence, perverse sex, and the disgusting physicality of living bodies. Both of them – one through the written word, the other through celluloid tape, explored the state of enslaved human consciousness. They are not interested in the disease or drug addiction itself, but rather in feeling them, irritating the senses, creating a new type of sensitivity. They are fascinated by a certain kind of mutation of a person’s feelings, experiences, and perception of the world. Cronenberg uses “diseases” to show the loneliness and isolation of the characters: the characters of Crash and Chills run erotic amok , in The Fly Jeff Goldblum transforms into a disgusting fly, in eXistenZ the ubiquitous manipulation blurs the boundaries of reality, while Spider is a projection of the soul of a schizophrenic. “I love sex as a venereal disease” – A famous Canadian once said “I would like to take the point of view of the virus. “I identify with the parasites that cause the fever of sexual aggression.”

Naked Lunch is an adaptation of heroin hallucinations. Very suggestive, original, unusual. Cronenberg combined the novel’s threads with the biography of its author, which resulted in an ambiguous, even shocking picture. William Burroughs wrote his book in the midst of his drug addiction. It aroused the admiration of some and the contempt of others, but it has become a permanent part of the canon of American post-war literature. The key to understanding Naked Lunch is Burroughs himself. “Tall, strange and impenetrable, because he looked ordinary, like a shy bank clerk with the face of a patrician with thin, pale lips” This is what Jack Kerouac, a representative of the beat generation, young, wealthy artists, wrote about him. He took everything: morphine, heroin, Dilaudid, Eukodal, Pantopon, Diokodid, Diosan, opium, Demerol, Dolofen, Palfium, introducing them into his body in every possible way: orally, intravenously, intramuscularly, rectally. He despised psychedelics like LSD because he considered these drugs unworthy of real men. He took everything consciously and was also consciously addicted. He suffered because of this, but he also admitted that drug addiction was his inspiration.

His first novel, Junkie , is a record of bleak states of consciousness. Naked Lunch is an expressive work describing the fictional world of Interzone. It is an experimental novel, especially in terms of form. Burroughs cut the text into paragraphs, put them together in a different order, and added fragments of other, foreign texts. It may be associated with the artistic collage of Dadaists and surrealist painting transferred to the sphere of the written word. Burroughs wasn’t just a writer. He was also valued as a voice in many intellectual discussions on the border between sociology and philosophy. One of his most famous slogans was: “Language is a virus.” Man is the only animal, Burroughs wrote, that is trapped in time. It was imprisoned thanks to the invention of the written word, which prevents the loss of knowledge: subsequent generations pass on the accumulated information capital.

Nearing horses show their big yellow teeth, cows roar, dogs howl, copulating cats howl like babies, huge boars with bristly bristles shout loudly: “Hurrah! Hooray!”

But let’s get back to the movie Naked Lunch . “Nothing is true, everything is permitted,” says the motto of David Cronenberg’s film. Reality meets hallucination, truth mixes with falsehood. In the world of Interzone, drug delusions are not devoid of genuine emotions. The hero of the film, played by Peter Weller, is a pest control specialist. It kills bugs by injecting kilograms of deadly powder between furniture, skirting boards and under the floor. This powder turns out to be a drug that everyone takes and to which everyone is addicted, including his corpse-pale wife (Judy Davis) and himself… I don’t know if it makes sense to summarize the entire story, which is born of the main character’s drug addiction.

Naked Lunch offers a wide range of drug-fueled nightmares born from the imaginations of William Burroughs and David Cronenberg. Huge, carnivorous Brazilian parasites, gelatinous, slimy mugwumps, a toothed vagina, a copulating typewriter, a humanoid monster also copulating, this time in a “threesome” with humans. The set is complemented by the sight of a stinking slaughterhouse of giant centipedes, from which a powerful drug is made, and a talking rectum. Next to these naturalistic images, you can see the paranoia that the main character falls into. Under the influence of cockroach poison, he sees a large bug that tells him a secret about his wife, who turns out to be an Interzon agent. The investigation leads him to surprising solutions: his spouse turns out not to be a spy, but not a woman (nor a man), a homosexual, a worm, and finally a ragtag in the service of other, blond-haired worms (Julian Sands) who rape young gay men in cages. It doesn’t sound strange. This is pure paranoia of an enslaved mind.

Interzone is a land without any rules, it is a distorted face of reality, a projection of the heroin mind and imagination. “Morality is nonsense,” says Burroughs. Indeed, in the world of a junkie, moral principles are blurred and revalued. Surreal hallucinations too often find themselves on paths trodden by emotional reality, and this is where the pain a drug addict experiences, the lack of awareness of where the boundary between reality and a drug-induced dream lies. Therefore, Burroughs believed that words had the ability to control the human mind. Because words can order the world, they can discover the values ​​of individual elements of the world. The drug will take over the body, but the word, the language, is able to assemble all events in a sensible, real way, despite the delirious mood. Until the end of his days (he died on August 2, 1997, he was 87 years old), Burroughs was an advocate of free, unrestrained access to drugs, which he considered a sign of freedom. And of course its source.

David Cronenberg’s intellectual ambitions in connection with the film Naked Lunch are very surprising to the viewer. He created a work that is not subject to clear assessment, indeed! which is even difficult to evaluate in any way. The film is shocking, certainly disgusting and shocking to some. It may seem like gibberish, but in my opinion it would be a completely unfair assessment. Cronenberg boldly approached Burroughs’ drug nightmare: his fascination with the mysterious, morbid side of human nature allowed him to capture and depict the thoughts of a man under the influence of the hardest of drugs – heroin. Terrifying and fascinating.

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