Pamela, A Love Story (2023)

Pamela, A Love Story (2023)
Pamela, A Love Story (2023)

Movie Details

Pamela, A Love Story (2023)
Director: Ryan White
Cast-Pamela Anderson: Plays herself
Fran Drescher: Also stars in the film
Alexandra Paul: Also stars in the film
Yasmine Bleeth: Also stars in the film
David Hasselhoff: Also stars in the film
David Charvet: Also stars in the film
Ryan White: Director of the film
Jessica Hargrave: Producer of the film
Brandon Thomas Lee: Producer of the film
Julia Nottingham: Also stars in the film
Movie type- Documentary
Release date- 31 January 2023
IMDB Rating-7.2
Languages- English
Duration-1 Hour 53 Minutes


Pamela, A Love Story (2023)


Pamela Anderson. If that name doesn’t mean anything to you, you probably didn’t live in the 90s. Back then, this blonde icon of the tabloid world filled the front pages of newspapers and magazines for more superficial readers. And of course the Internet, which was just starting at that time, but played a very important role in Pamela’s life. Her now-slightly-forgotten fate caught the attention of documentary filmmakers from Netflix, so they took the opportunity to make a two-hour documentary with her to reveal the insides of this fallen sexy goddess. Or not either. It depends on what you expect from a documentary film.

When you’ve become a Playboy star and wowed the world with your curvaceous curves, it’s hard enough to convince others that you’re good at more than just showing off your curves. Pamela tried and almost succeeded. Almost. At that time, she jumped into the newly emerging series Baywatch, or Coast Guard, which became an absolute hit for several years and broke the viewership charts. And Pamela Anderson made a big contribution to this historic success. Her slow-motion run along the Californian beach in a red swimsuit became literally iconic and drew attention not only to the series, but also to the actress as such. She seemed to have a brilliant acting career within her reach and the audience’s favor would take her very high. However, the exact opposite followed. A flop named Barb Wire showed that Pamela enjoys popularity more because of her private life than as an actress. An endless number of partners, instead of husbands and scandals, she drove her into the clutches of sensationalist tabloid journalists. And her life began to resemble a roller coaster ride.

Pamela: A Love Story: PHOTO GALLERY

Year 2022. Aging Pamela without make-up (and implants) flips through her diaries and notepads, remembers her beginnings, calculates the grievances she has experienced and plays home recordings (the shameless ones) during which she laughs, moves and takes stock. And that’s all. Pamela: The love story is a story about Pamela as she herself perceives and feels. Don’t expect a time-lapse documentary by Helena Třeštíková or a personality study like by Olga Malířová Špátová. Experienced documentary filmmaker and director Ryan White (Serena, Hitmen) based his film on 112 minutes of honest confession, giving the aging Pamela the opportunity to show the audience how she herself felt and how evil and ungrateful the world that surrounded her from early childhood was. He practically only needed one room, a camera and Pamela Anderson, alive and hers as you’ve never seen her before.

Thanks to the countless number of diaries and notepads, where she carefully recorded her impressions day by day, but mainly thanks to the huge archive of recordings, the viewer gets a glimpse into every important life stage, as Pamela serves them to him in her intimate, albeit often eccentric speech. Here, the casual (or well-acted) civility of an extraordinarily ordinary woman replaces the sharp documentary scalpel through which the past of the famous actress was repeatedly dissected day after day, photo after photo and scandal after scandal. Apart from Pamela herself, only a very narrow circle of people, led by her sons, get space in the film, for whom life with her must have been literally purgatory. Everyone else speaks to the audience through period recordings from various shows or Pamela’s home movie library. Ryan White is deliberately going somewhere else here – he’s not after a sensation, he’s not after controversy, he doesn’t reveal hidden secrets and doesn’t get involved in Pamela’s narrative. He just lets her talk and skilfully intersperses the engaging life balance with readings from diaries or grainy home camera shots.

Play the trailerThis is the greatest strength, but also the most obvious weakness of the entire document. Pamela’s claims are understandably one-sided, create a purely subjective impression and lack any evidence. It’s not about finding the objective truth, or about other people’s opinions about Pamela. No one confronts or comments on expressed feelings and judgments. It’s her show after all. Pamela takes her word for it here, and if that doesn’t seem enough to you, you have to look elsewhere – there have been several documentaries about her recently, not to mention a book autobiography. However, thanks to the chosen format, after watching it, you will feel as if you know Pamela not as an actress or a sexy goddess, but as the woman next door, whom life did not coddle and pigeonholed her as a grateful object of the tabloid cesspool. Maybe she didn’t deserve it, or maybe she helped it with her behavior. Importantly, however, that she was given the opportunity to share her point of view with you. The boulevard was enough.

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