Párty Hárder: Summer Massacre (2022)

Párty Hárder: Summer Massacre

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Movie: Párty Hárder: Summer Massacre (2022)
Director: Martin Pohl
Cast: Daniel Zácek, Jirí Bohatý, Adam Ernest
Genres: Comedy/Horror
Release date: 23 June 2022
IMDB Rating: 5.8/10
Languages: Czech
Duration: 1h 40m


Párty Hárder: Summer Massacre (2022)


The salvation of Czech cinematography lies in over-the-top comedies with lobotomized heroes.Just after this opening sentence, a lot of readers will surely get the measles, but after the huge commercial success of the full-length Vyšehrad, another successful and properly fresh comedy is coming to the cinemas, which is not afraid to go all out.

Párty Hárder is, understandably, a follow-up to the crazy comedy. Párty Hárder:Summer Massacre , which managed to gather more than 10,000 viewers at self-perpetrated screenings and thus achieve cult status, despite its outrageous budget, enthusiastic craftsmanship and depraved humor. A more generous sequel has already been created under much more adequate conditions, still a low-budget film, but already with costs in the millions, a full-fledged production and distribution background and aiming for regular footage for cinemas.

Enthusiasm and zeal for the cause did not diminish. In those hundred minutes, there is a ton of honest butcher punch and Marty Pohl’s peculiarly cynical style. We can argue about whether the radicalism and “perversion” is too little or too much (certainly not enough for Saló, too much for my mother after the first minute), it is certain that the author’s trademarks have not changed or softened and that after those hundred minutes, my stomach under the weight of all the shits, lactations, sweats, bleeding, farts, cunt helmets and anal stories in bad shape and I honestly wished the movie would end. Despite the constant barrage of impulses for the diaphragm.

Party Hárder will start in style as a high-pitched dialogue teenage comedy about a trio of boys who want to get laid at Mácháč in the summer. The troublemaker Péťa is replaced by the villainous villain from the number one Poulíček, and it immediately turns out to be a great choice – the comedic potential of this idiot figure, which evokes a porn version of the characters from Blbý and more stupid from Wish, is used to death, and Adam Ernest is here with a fistula, lordosis, fake hips , with the worst wardrobe ever, a total fixation on vaginas and completely stupid animalistic mood swings, he plays so royally that the academics awarding the Czech Lions should think of him. So if we imagine for a moment that they would see the film.

But the whole trio is well put together and their violent dialogue interactions work excellently, both in dives and in stone and shrapnel chatter. The film is surprisingly strongest in the dialogues, but there is a lot of situational humor, especially of the fecal-brutal type, but also more sophisticated gags, where Marty perfects his sense of timing. In some slapstick sketches, he even resembles master Billy Wilder, of course if you were to sink him in a Czech latrine for a year.

It hides a lot of verbal and visual forums that are not afraid to go far beyond the line of good taste, correctness and general favor towards the human race. Forums with sockets, Nazi iconography, epileptics or the physically disabled are far beyond what I would like to see in a film, but they have to be acknowledged for their practically unreserved humor and special ability to portray a world much more open and free than it actually is. The butcher makes shoulders, but at the core he is simply a tolerant good soul, progressive and free-spirited, who will embrace child killers, racists, sadomasochists, rude wheelchair users and people with scrotal scales on his chest. Only women have it a little harder here, because they are really just reduced to those slits (think about that and next time romance from the other side!).

The main drawback is the hundred-minute footage, which causes a certain amount of fatigue and lethargy, the sophomore makes a little more demands on the narration and the overall dramatic arc. The latter is weaker, although the lines of the individual protagonists are elaborated surprisingly impressively and satisfactorily move the characters forward – under the weight of the constant changing of scenes, in which one identical “kundo-anal” string is actually still being plucked, and the obvious cutting of some passages in the interest of a more manageable footage , but the result feels more like a significantly longer series of humorous situations than a truly satisfying story with gradation and the desired powerful catharsis.

There are so many jokes, jokes and crazy situations, in which there is not one of the most useful instructions on how to come to a rimjob (and a graphic example of the same), that they manage to tighten even such an extensive work and turn it into a disgusting piece of high-quality cinematography.

Párty Hárder:Summer Massacre is the best Czech film of the first half of 2022 so far, and if it received a quality English dubbing, it would certainly have a chance to survive on foreign streaming platforms as a bizarrely eccentric example of a radical teenage comedy from Central Europe. In this sense, for me, it is a more viable export item than Zátopek and Havel combined.

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