Pirates of the caribbean the curse of the black pearl. (2003)

Pirates of the caribbean the curse of the black pearl. (2003)
Pirates of the caribbean the curse of the black pearl. (2003)

Movie Details

Pirates of the caribbean the curse of the black pearl. (2003)
Director-: : Gore Verbinski
Cast-Brigitte Helm Alfred Abel Gustav Fröhlich
Movie type- Adventure/Action
Release date- 15 August
IMDB Rating-8.1
Languages- Brazilian Portuguese, Canadian French, Castilian Spanish, Czech, European French, German, Hungarian, Italian
Duration-2 Hour 23 Minutes


Pirates of the caribbean the curse of the black pearl. (2003)


At a certain point in the history of cinema, there was a serious belief that no one would ever see a film depicting the fate of a pirate gang again. The glory days of the buccaneering genre are long gone, and the latest film adaptations of pirate novels, as well as screenplays that rarely deviate from the novel’s patterns, were met with poor reception by both the general public and a large part of the critics who looked at it with an extremely harsh eye. It’s no wonder that producers simply abandoned this topic because it was too risky an investment for them. Renny Harlin’s Pirate Island from 1995 was a major financial failure, almost becoming the nail in the coffin of this moribund branch of cinema. Only after eight years of buccaneering drought, the famous producer Jerry Bruckheimer, whose credits include, among others, Top Gun , The Stronghold , Armageddon , he dared to spend $125 million and produce a great, spectacular film, Pirates of the Caribbean , which satisfied most critics, but what was certainly most important for Bruckheimer – the audience.

There is no denying that the huge budget is one of the most important elements of this success, because it was the beginning of the spectacle of spectacular duels, explosions, sea battles, and thanks to it, specialists from Industrial Light&Magic created special effects that turned into skeletons of cursed thugs. Jerry Bruckheimer has long found a good recipe for multiplying the huge sums invested in his productions, and he was usually very good at pursuing this type of film policy. Although many of the previous pirate ventures also had considerable financial support, and despite everything, viewers had no intention of watching them, but Pirates of the Caribbean was eagerly awaited in this year’s hot summer like never before. Apparently, this privateer hit also has other positive features that its predecessors may have lacked. Let’s focus on the plot for now.

The demonic Captain Barbossa desperately wants to lift the extremely heavy curse that prevents him from enjoying the joys of a wicked life. But to do this, he must first return the Aztec treasure stolen and squandered in various corners of the world. The compulsion to return proves somewhat the paradoxical nature of the script, or, as the film’s director, Gore Verbinski, put it, its perversity. The owner of the last part of the set of gold medallions sought by Barbossa’s pirates is the beautiful Elizabeth Swann. However, the girl is soon kidnapped, and the villains, having obtained the thing they need, sail to the dark Isla de Muerte to get rid of the curse that torments their souls once and for all. And this is how the story could have ended, had it not been for the brave blacksmith Will Tuner, who was in love with Miss Swan and skilled in swordsmanship, and the excellent, though non-stereotypical, because he behaved strangely, sea wolf – Captain Jack Sparrow, who, as a result of a mutiny, lost his ship – the Black Sea – to Barbossa. Pearl . The gentlemen, although no consensus will be reached immediately, will decide to get back what they want and take revenge on the enchanted pirates who haunt the ports.

At a high level
The script, created by the duo Ted Elliott and Tony Rossio (the gentlemen some time ago proved their writing talent with the hit Shrek ), is densely sprinkled with situational and dialogue humor, sometimes trying hard to force smiles, which, despite everything, does not change the general fact that it is good, and dynamically The (and unpretentiously) told film is also easy to read. Verbinski, Elliot and Rossio don’t bother with morals; their most important goal is to provide entertainment. And the film ends well, of course, as befits a true fairy tale.

As usual, a characteristic element of Bruckheimer’s blockbusters are painfully funny characters that the audience should laugh at almost every time they see them on the screen. Brilliantly played and genuinely enjoyable, Jack Sparrow is certainly the funniest in the film. However, he is a plot-important character, so he does not only serve to make us laugh, unlike a pair of crazy pirates who spout gags – one a disgusting fat guy and the other a thinner one with a wooden eye.

The acting in this film was at a really high level. The most expressive character – Captain Jack Sparrow, a pirate of flesh and blood but with a good heart, was created by the amazing Johnny Depp , a full-time outsider actor who rarely decides to appear in Hollywood blockbusters. Sparrow was supposed to be a very interesting hero, a surprising combination of a Rastafarian and a rock star (Depp is said to have modeled himself on Keith Richards, the Rolling Stones guitarist). The effect is stunning; the most interesting moments of the film were those involving Sparrow. The grotesque thing about Jack’s appearance is that he constantly behaves as if he had just had a few deep blows. But this is only apparent inebriation; probably few people would dare to fight him. The opening scene in which Sparrow reaches the shore in an unconventional (like all his) way is truly wonderful. And there are many more such delicacies.

I was positively impressed by the charming Keira Knightley, who gave Miss Elizabeth Swann the features of a brave and determined woman, although sometimes perhaps acting too seriously. Young Orlando Bloom did not disappoint either, whose character, despite his handsome face, is sometimes simply boring, but this is more the fault of the script than of Bloom, whom I cannot fault. In turn, Geoffrey Rush, who plays the main villain, is excellent as usual. Perhaps he doesn’t stand out as much as Depp’s character, but no one will doubt his acting perfection. The secondary and tertiary actors also played interesting roles, undoubtedly selected with great care.

Pirates of the Caribbean can be criticized for a lot. You can express your dissatisfaction with the shallow dialogues and clichéd jokes. One can criticize the typical blockbuster approach to the topic. You can point out scenes that were sometimes unnecessarily long and awkwardly confusing moments. It could be said that the film’s humor was sometimes so satiating that it almost turned an action-adventure movie into a spectacular comedy about pirates.

You can, but I won’t nitpick. Because Pirates of the Caribbean is truly worth watching, a charming, spectacular film that stands out in the sea of ​​holiday sequels. It is an excellent costume production, with beautiful cinematography by Dariusz Wolski, a graduate of the Łódź Film School, and equally beautiful music by Klaus Badelt. It’s a real spectacle of perfectly played characters, it’s an amazing show by Johnny Depp. It is a masterfully shot action film, richly varied with wit. First of all, it’s two and a half hours of relief from boredom, two and a half hours of buccaneer magic, two and a half hours of recommendable, unrestrained entertainment.

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