PSH Neverending Story and PSH Nekonecny pribeh (2022)

PSH Neverending Story and PSH Nekonecny pribeh (2022)
PSH Neverending Story and PSH Nekonecny pribeh (2022)

Movie Details

PSH Neverending Story and PSH Nekonecny pribeh (2022)
Director: : Štěpán Vodrážka
Cast-Michal “Orion” Opletal, Vladimir 518, and Mike Trafik
Movie Type: Documentary/Musical ‧
Release date: 27 October 2022
IMDB Rating: 7.6/10
Languages: Czech and English
Duration: 1h 10m


PSH Neverending Story and PSH Nekonecny pribeh (2022)


Making a great music documentary is quite a feat. First of all, there is a big risk that the insight into the backstage or the life of the performer will slip into an empty fan mode, which will not say much to unloved viewers. And here, too, there is a danger that it will be a traditional show of talking heads with some of the obligatory archival footage, which the modern approach avoids. However, if any documentary wanted a predatory and stylish approach, it was a trip into the lives of one of the most popular rap bands in our country – PSH Neverending Story and PSH Nekonecny Pribeh

I should probably say outright that I am not a hip-hop listener and not a Czech one at all. Of course, I also know that Uncle Homeboy’s Peners are not only domestic legends but also genre dinosaurs, which young fans of Yzomandias, Viktor Sheen, or Calin (I won’t give more names without Google) consider practically retired. But these “old levers” influenced more than one generation, they had an unmistakable influence on the image of Czech rap, and even after almost 30 years, they still have something to say. And the film manages to convey it in the most accurate and at the same time the most brisk way.

Forget rigid procedures, PSH Neverending Story and PSH Nekonecny Pribeh is a wild video-like rides full of fresh ideas and unexpected plays with images and archival materials. The film is as frantic in its tempo and almost as inventive in its use of available materials as well-known hip-hop aces when rapping or composing their songs. In addition, the creators help themselves not only with archive pieces from the Peners themselves but also with footage from legendary films, series, or shows. That you wouldn’t expect scenes from Vinnetou or Saskia Burešová in a documentary about famous rappers? Yes, even these icons will be used here and they are incorporated into the result in a very fun and playful way. With its clip-like nature, predatory editing, and work with scenes from film or serial classics, PSH in some parts also reminds one of the recent hit BANGER.,

However, there is no danger that the audience-friendly form will win over the content. On the contrary, the chosen style seems to accurately underline the distinct spirit and individuality of rap icons in the form of Vladimír 518, Orion, and Mike Trafik. This is exactly how their different natures are shown, but also their great friendship and bond that grows stronger over the years rather than weakening. And thanks to this, Orion’s constant chatter gets a lot of space, which the viewer will not tire of.

The document is then divided into several chapters according to the name of the individual albums. Although this process encourages a certain pattern, the authors devote themselves nicely to individual Peners and their life and career stages in the chapters. In the second half, he is also not afraid of dramatic elements, in which the darker side of popular performers and their not-entirely-pleasant confessions come to light. Even in more intimate and intimate moments, however, the creators do not lack ideas with which they can give the scene the appropriate emphasis.

PSH Neverending Story and PSH Nekonecny Pribeh is not just a monument to hip-hop legends or a nostalgic gift for fans. Of course, they will enjoy seeing their favorite performers even more, with all the famous songs or cues. Even for an “ordinary” viewer, such as myself, this is one of the most lively and imaginative documentaries of recent years, which has the right “flow” and can perfectly describe not only the magic of one band but essentially of one rap era in our country. And it also proves that sometimes a short (and nowadays damn refreshing) 70-minute footage is more than enough

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