Rebels/Rebelles (2019)

Rebels/Rebelles (2019)

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Movie:Rebels/Rebelles (2019)
Director:Allan Mauduit
Cast: Cécile de France, Yolande Moreau, and Audrey Lamy
Movie Genres: Comedy/Crime ‧
Release date: 13 March 2019
IMDB Rating: 6.3/10
Languages: French
Duration: 1h 27m


Rebels/Rebelles (2019)


The French school of film gangsters has a relatively rich history and has proven for many decades that it is far from being the exclusive domain of American production. Because the Rebels don’t take napkins and get into it from the very beginning.

Girl power is a phenomenon that has found its way into many genres, especially recently, and there is no reason why it should also avoid female gangsters, until recently the carefully guarded territory of tough men (honorable exceptions). Director and co-writer Allan Mauduit (Arès) decided to fix it and took it to the right end, serving up a sharp mix of the classic gangster about a bag full of dirty money that ends up in the hands of three mismatched women working in a fish cannery. You don’t need to know more, because the whole subsequent plot involving mobsters, corrupt cops, sawed-off shotguns, a pile of corpses, and a pinch of criminal family ties is full of such overheated and bizarre moments that it’s unnecessary to add anything else.

In the foreground, of course, is the central trio of completely different, yet remarkably similar, women – Sandra (Cécile De France), Nadine (Yolande Moreau), and Marilyn (Audrey Lamy), one of whom represents a former (and time-worn) missus, the other a battered a mother from the family and a third eccentric alcoholic with a young son. What unites all three is the lack of any qualifications, which predisposes them to the most menial job in a factory. Everyday hard work and dreams of a better tomorrow are to be corrected only by a combination of coincidences, with the help of which the dirty money of a local mafia boss lands at the feet of these well-worn life warriors. Despite the moderate footage (87 minutes and not a second more), all three heroines get enough space for you to understand what a mess they live in and how welcome a financial injection in the form of found money is.

The rest of the film’s characters are filled with various male caricatures, from a corrupt hot cop to the psychopathic son of a top drug lord. Their role is clear in advance because in this story they play by different rules than in classic macho models. In the end, the strong and tough men are always overcome by the naivety, determination, and tenacity of the central trio, who, although they don’t stick together all the time, help each other in times of need. However, the significant relegation of the male part of the acting peloton to the second lane does not have a disturbing effect – quite the opposite. Thanks to him, Mauduit can let the women excel in their natural animality and it pays off handsomely, even if, for example, Simon Abkarian, in the role of a local mobster with paternal tendencies, does not lose himself at all in a show of morally warped guys and performs a cute variation on the theme of a good-hearted criminal, who is just doing his job. The similarity with Belmond (both physically and acting) makes him the most interesting male protagonist.

So why don’t I go with the rating a few points higher, especially if I include the successful and almost Tarantino finale? Because, despite everything that has been said, it’s just a relaxing canapé that doesn’t go anywhere higher. Mauduit is not Tarantino, to be able to tie the film into a sophisticated whole, and some scenes sound different from those given to the lost, and some plot lines are not adequately exploited at all. With such short footage, it’s a real shame, because Mauduit had a talented cast of actors at his disposal, with whom he could play some solid gangster orgies. However, he has remained slightly under the radar, which is a shame because he had plenty of ideas for that. But it doesn’t have to bother you, and if you have a free evening, you definitely won’t spoil it with this movie.

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