Spin Me Round (2022)

Spin Me Round (2022)

Movie Details

Spin Me Round (2022)
Director: Jeff Baena
Cast: Alison Brie, Jake Picking, and Stella Chestnut
Movie Type: Comedy/Romance
Release date :12 March 2022
IMDB Rating: 5.2/10
Languages: English and Italian.
Duration: 1h 44m


Spin Me Round (2022)


A cast largely made up of SNL stars, starring Alison Brie, known not only for her cute smile, but also for her comedic skills and an unusually large acting register, the backdrop of Italy, and a plot that flirts with the theme of kidnapping from the first minutes – what could it go wrong with such a comedy.

The genre of so-called offbeat comedies, i.e. unconventional and mostly rather peculiar films with comedic elements, but which usually cannot be classified anywhere else and whose tone deviates from common ideas about what is and is not funny, has not been doing much in recent years. First of all, these are rarely commercial hits, secondly, it is difficult to hit it in a way that people will enjoy, and thirdly, the Coens, Wes Anderson, or McDonagh are simply only one. It usually ends up with failed attempts like Netflix’s hated In the Bubble or the recent craze with Nicolas Cage The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent, which quietly fizzled after its premiere. Spin Me Round was also not very successful, with the difference that an even smaller number of people are interested.

The plot is simple. Amber (Brie) is selected to participate in a work trip to Italy along with several other employees of a certain restaurant chain, but in addition to a career move, Amber secretly dreams of finally finding the one. Instead of an unforgettable week in the south of Europe, however, he and the viewer discover from the beginning that this journey will not only be littered with bizarre figures such as a colleague who lost her luggage containing pills for her head or a slimy guide who will confiscate everyone’s passports, but also bring pitfalls, which no one warned her about.

The subsequent plot then unfolds as you would roughly expect. Dating, road trips, first awkward scenes, more awkward scenes, the arrival of the charismatic owner of the entire franchise (Alessandro Nivola) and his mysterious sister (Aubrey Plaza), love cooing, Fred Armisen’s bizarre cameo (a must in these movies), lesbian love, some twists and turns, the transition to a “thriller” and so on, until the whole thing ends in an overheated finale, which could almost work as a social analysis of the rich layers of society, but in my opinion, I would be needlessly projecting something that the creators did not want at all. Well, that’s pretty much it – template-like and therefore predictable, set to tone unbalanced, acting fine, but nothing extra, and completely average in terms of direction.

Unfortunately, Spin Me Round cannot be praised even as an appetizer, and as much as I was hoping that Brie + Plaza + elements of a thriller would raise the whole film to a more meaningful level, it did not happen. The film is not a disappointment because no one should expect anything from it, but it is also not a surprise because it does not try to be one. With the above-mentioned In the Bubble, it was at least possible to appreciate the level of admitted stupidity that the creators knew about and tried to work with (albeit unsuccessfully). But Spin Me Round is, excuse my French, stupid only because the creators of this indie comedy are going through things that could not be easily explained otherwise. And that seems lazy to me. But Brie was nice to look at, yes. But don’t watch it just for her sake, the actress has much better things to her credit. And the same applies to Plaza.

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