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Director: Tim Sutton
Cast-Machine Gun Kelly: Plays Cole, a problematic musician
Maddie Hasson: Plays Ilana, Cole’s assistant
Megan Fox: Plays Mae, Cole’s ex-wife
Ruby Rose: Plays Bub
Demetrius “Lil Meech” Flenory: Plays Syl
Scoot McNairy: Plays Ray
Lil Tjay: Plays Lil Tjay
Naomi Wild: Plays Lena
Luis Da Silva Jr.: Plays a role in the film
Takaya Lloyd: Plays Tren
Movie type- Drama/Musical
Release date- 13 February 2022
IMDB Rating-4.6
Languages- French and English in Canada.
Duration-1 Hour 38 Minutes




Machine Gun Kelly, real name Colson Baker, is one of the singers who has caused a lot of controversy in recent years. He first tried it as a rapper, a few years ago he jumped on the wave of pop-rock and in the meantime he bagged Megan Fox. But while for one group he is a successful hitmaker, whose rock stage at least is a properly tuned product in terms of marketing, for others he is still a bit of a poser and a jerk, whose name they cannot come up with. But Kelly probably really sees himself as a great artist and lately he wants to make a name for himself in the film field as well. While his strange directorial effort Good Mourning collected a decent string of Golden Raspberry nominations, with his more ambitious independent drama In the Sign of the Bull, which also appeared at the Karlovy Vary festival last year, he has the potential to appeal to more people than just his die-hard fans.

And maybe it’s because here, together with director Tim Sutton, he is working on a theme that is not only based on the singer’s life in many ways, but could also be applied to the fate of many musical legends on whom fame has taken a heavy toll. We thus get a story about the famous rapper Cole, who at first glance has everything he can remember. But it is enough to spend two minutes in the room with him and you will find out that he is a person wandering through life, who is addicted to alcohol and drugs and destroys those closest to him, led by his young daughter or faithful assistant, with his problematic behavior. And it is falling into an ever-widening abyss from which there may soon be no return.

Kelly and Sutton thus present to the viewer the frenetic life of an artist who seemingly enjoys popularity and luxury, but instead drowns in depression, narcotic substances and sinks deeper and deeper due to his self-destructive nature. And of course, this does not only apply to Machine Gun Kelly, who went through this stage in part, but also, for example, Amy Winehouse, Kurt Cobain and others. And it must be said that from the point of view of the dark side of fame and the more depressing view behind the curtain of the music industry, the film works quite solidly and realistically. Sutton manages his craft without the slightest problem, even if he lacks a bit more forceful thrust on the goal, he serves the audience an honest independent drama that manages to be properly intimate, intimate in many moments, support it with a bleak atmosphere and come up with some nice camera and other ideas .

Machine Gun Kelly then supports this bleak musical trip with a rather confident performance, in which he shows that he has some acting talent in him after all. On the other hand, he had a tailor-made role and played himself in his own way, so the situation was a little easier for him. So it’s a shame that despite these great elements, the creators basically don’t deviate from the direction of average indie studios into somewhat stronger and more expressive waters.

Although the screenplay and the direction present quite promising motives and relationships, in practically no case (perhaps except for the bond with the very patient assistant) they are unable to follow these lines to the end. And in certain cases, the lines or complicated relationships (Cole and the daughter) are unused after sin and basically lie idle. Which is a shame, because because of this, the film becomes an extremely monotonous affair in the second half, in which the main character simply drinks, farts and annoys more and more people with his behavior.

Play the trailer-Unfortunately, this is also reflected in the psychological drama surrounding the protagonist. So we never really get under Cole’s skin and often don’t understand why he does what he does. Despite Kelly’s best efforts, Cole is at times too much of a self-destructive jerk who loses the audience’s sympathy too easily. In the sign of the bull, it is still a relatively functional independent studio, which gives quite an interesting insight into the lost artistic soul. However, the creators are still missing a more decisive point or moment in which the viewer would find a way to the main character. In the end, because of this, we get a piece that, in the end, fizzles out. Kelly’s detractors, however, could be somewhat silenced by the film.

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