The Titan


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The Titan
Director-Lennart Ruff
Cast- Sam WorthingtonTaylor SchillingTom Wilkinson
Movie type- Sci-fi/Thriller
Producers-Arash Amel,Fred Berger,Leon Clarance,Brian Kavanaugh-Jones,Ben Pugh
Release date 30 th March 2018
IMDB Rating-4.8
Duration-1 Hour 37 Minutes


The Titan


You know – life on Earth is slowly dying out, we need someone who will find a new place to move to or at least obtain the most necessary resources from there. Just as the statement itself was half a joke, it was half true – The Titan doesn’t have much in common with Avatar , but there are plenty of blatant borrowings from other science fiction films.

Before you continue, I must warn you – although I do not go beyond what you can deduce from the trailer, plot description or even the poster, the rest of the review reveals smaller or larger plot details. I did everything I could to avoid it, but… well, it’s impossible. It just can’t be done. The Titan was based on so many well-coordinated motifs and ubiquitous patterns that the creators did not even bother to properly mix the elements observed in other games . The effect is that, in fact, just watching the trailer is enough to list the events that will take place during the film lasting just over an hour and a half, point by point, and conclude that it is not worth wasting this time.

The year is 2048. The Earth is overpopulated, natural resources are running out, and people are fighting each other because a global crisis is the perfect moment to declare war. Los Angeles is uninhabitable, as is increasingly much of our planet. So what needs to be done? Well, of course, to start working on The Titan project, the aim of which is to accelerate evolution and create a new anthropoid species – Homo Titanis .

It’s a pity that according to NASA’s actual plans, the colonization of Mars is to begin within the next fifteen years – it’s better to wait another fifteen years, after which they will quickly mutate a group of distinguished military men and scientists, and then send them to Titan – the largest moon of Saturn , which has an atmosphere (uninhabitable) and lakes (filled with methane instead of water).

We can find a lot of this type of absurdity in The Titan . The only good thing is that in the face of the crisis, international organizations not only stopped wasting public money, but also decided to persuade Land Rover to give up the rather flashy design that is present in their latest models, instead reaching for well-deserved (and out of production since last year) 4th generation Land Rover Discovery and an indispensable element of the American army from the 20th to the 23rd century – Hummers (end of production in 2010). Oh yes. I would have forgotten – the action of The Titan takes place somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean, on a paradise island that is a secret NATO research unit.

Fortunately, the wife of Rick Janssen (Sam Worthington) – one of the soldiers selected to participate in the program – is an outstanding pediatrician (a doctor specializing in childhood diseases, in case anyone was wondering), thanks to which she quickly managed to figure out the plan of the mad genius and expert in genetics – Professor Martin Collingwood (Tom Wilkinson).

I’m kidding a bit, but Abigail Janssen, played by Taylor Schilling ( The Lucky One , Orange is the New Black ), is the only character that the creators of The Titan managed to present in a multidimensional way. The rest – although they don’t act badly – is written in such a way that the script of this film could easily be performed by primary school students (both as actors and in the form of a puppet show).

If I were to rate The Titan based on the number of times I shouted “What?” in moments of greatest embarrassment, it would be a 10-point scale. However, if I am to evaluate this film seriously, what I appreciate most is the fact that writer Arash Amel and screenwriter Max Hurwitz (what a fall after the successful Manhunt: Unabomber ) had the balls to ruthlessly rip off the idea from HG Wells’ The Island of Dr. Moreau , shape the development of events in the image of Cronenberg’s The Fly , then add something timely, like the amphibious man from The Shape of Water , and ultimately present it almost as a prequel to the story of Scott’s Prometheus , which – unless it was equipped with a drink allowing it to “dissolve” and give rise to life on a new planet – he is sent into space on a trip with a one-way ticket. The story presented in The Titan is a brilliant rescue plan whose level of absurdity surpasses Albert Camus’ The Alien , and the resulting chances of saving dying humanity would certainly put a smile-like grimace on the face of Arthur Schopenhauer .

The Titan

I haven’t seen anything with such contempt for the viewer’s intelligence in a long time.

Oh, one more interesting fact – on Netflix, The Titan is assigned to the “Intellectual” category. The joke is complete, the curtain falls, the audience has no idea what actually happened before their eyes.

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