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Can you imagine the most viewed Netflix movies in its entire history? Surely you have seen more than one, but they will probably surprise you. And someone once said that surprises in this life are rather few.

Top 10 Most Viewed Netflix Movies In Its History

Here we bring together Netflix movies with the most hours watched, including some of the best movies of 2022 to gems of the platform that are among the best Netflix movies to watch with the family or the best Netflix comedies. And will we soon also be able to count among this list some of the Netflix movies in 2023?

Without further ado, and if you have already taken a look at the Netflix series for 2023 to mark your calendar, here are the all-time Top Netflix Movies. Can you guess which one is in the first position?

1. Red Notice

Hours viewed: 364,020,000 And Counting

Heist film with Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot, and Ryan Reynolds, ‘Red Notice’ was made to be a success, and it was. The film is written and directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber, who had just worked with Johnson on ‘The Skyscraper’, so it is not difficult to imagine where the shots are going, literally. Attention, it is preparing a sequel.

2. Don’t look up

Hours viewed: 359,790,000 And Counting

Adam McKay’s latest film explored how difficult it could be to spread a necessary message in the age of fake news, but it remained far from the shadows. With the punch of McKay, a popular author, and being starred by Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, and a good handful of other celebrities, we are not surprised that this movie gets second place on our list.

3. The Blind Side

When it had only been on the platform for a week, the film by Susanne Bier with Sandra Bullock in an undeniable had already achieved 45 million views. That was 2019. Years later, it seems that the trail of this apocalyptic thriller is far from fading. Even Stephen King said he was “absolutely fascinated” by the film.

4. Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery

Hours viewed: 279,740,000 And Counting

The success of the Previous movie ensured a sequel that jumped to Netflix again with Rian Johnson and only one recurring character: Daniel Craig’s detective Benoît Blanc. With a star cast of (Edward Norton, Janelle Monáe, Kathryn Hahn, Leslie Odom Jr., Jessica Henwick, Madelyn Cline, Dave Bautista, and Kate Hudson).

5. The Gray Man

Hours viewed: 253,870,000 And Counting

Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans, and Ana de Armas lead the first part of a new franchise based on the literary saga by Mark Greaney. Joe and Anthony Russo (‘Avengers: Endgame’) shook up the world of secret agents and international espionage film franchises with an unpublished character (the murderer The Gray Man) and a new series loaded with the most explosive action.

6. The Adam Project

Hours viewed: 233,160,000 And Counting

This was for the whole family. The latest project by Shawn Levy and Ryan Reynolds attracted both adults and children with its taste of old-fashioned science fiction (which is the same thing, as the 80s). A time travel story where Reynolds accidentally meets his 13-year-old self, with whom he will be a duo. Zoe Saldaña, Catherine Keener, Jennifer Garner, and Mark Ruffalo complete the cast.

7. Extraction

Hours viewed: 231,340,000 And Counting

The Russos had just changed the market thanks to the success of their Marvel Movies, especially ‘Avengers: Infinity War‘ (2018) and ‘Avengers: Endgame‘ (2019), a title that managed to become the film with the highest box office of all time. The logical thing would be to take a well-deserved vacation, but Netflix has its own planes, financing Russo’s next two big films, both on the list: ‘Extraction‘ (with Chris Hemsworth in super-soldier mode) and ‘The Gray Man‘.

8. Purple Hearts

Hours viewed: 228,690,000 And Counting

Netflix’s unexpected romantic hit, is among the most viewed films in the platform’s history, and it has its merit. Based on the novel by Tess Wakefield and one of the best love movies on Netflix for romantics, the film follows Cassie Salazar, a young survivor who lives with type 1 diabetes and she cannot afford medicines, not even with her job as a waitress. and sometimes a singer in a bar. But her life changes when she meets Luke Morrow.

9. The Unforgivable

Hours viewed: 214,700,000 And Counting

One of the clearest examples (it is not the only one on this list) of why we say from critics has little influence on whether or not people watch Netflix content. Nora Fingscheidt (‘System Crasher’) directed Sandra Bullock (along with Viola Davis, Vincent D’Onofrio, and Jon Bernthal ) as a woman who is in prison for a violent crime and who served her time, but after leaving prison she finds herself with a society that judges actions as unforgivable, literally.

10. The Irishman

Hours viewed: 214,570,000 And Counting

The legendary Martin Scorsese returned to bad streets that made him the last of the classics with a twilight opus magna led by Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Joe Pesci and Harvey Keitel The film lasts three and a half hours that have to be watched in one sitting, but it is a great experience about organized crime in the United States during the post-war era, seen through the eyes of a World War II veteran.

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