Viking Wolf (2022)

Viking Wolf (2022)
Viking Wolf (2022)

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Viking Wolf (2022)
Director:Stig Svendsen
Cast-Elli Rhiannon Müller Osborne: Plays Thale Berg
Liv Mjönes: Plays Liv Berg, Thale’s mom
Vidar Magnussen: Plays Arthur Berg, Thale’s stepdad
Mia Fosshaug Laubacher: Plays Jenny Berg, Thale’s sister
Sjur Vatne Brean: Plays Jonas Larson, Thale’s friend
Arthur Hakalahti: Plays William Nordvaag
Ståle Bjørnhaug: Plays Lars Brodin
Øyvind Brandtzæg: Plays Eilert Sundas
Movie type- Horror/Action
Release date-18 November 2022
IMDB Rating-5.2
Languages- Norwegian, German, English, Spanish (Latin America), French, and Norwegian
Duration-1 Hour 37 Minutes


Viking Wolf (2022)


Recently, Netflix came out with a pretty cool old-school monster movie Troll, in which a giant stone giant decimated Scandinavia and tried to make it look like it was in a Hollywood spectacle. And he did quite well. Now we have another piece that tries to play by the Hollywood rules, but at the same time save money and hope that the creators somehow pay it off and it turns out to be a more or less OK show like in the case of Troll. And they actually succeeded quite well.

Vlk viking (it sounds a bit stupid in Czech) takes place in a small Norwegian town, where Liv Berg came to head the police and her daughter Thale experiences a classic puberty. She’s still a little pissed off, she doesn’t get along with her hard-working stepfather, she hasn’t made many friends here, and she has nothing to say to her mother. But now she will have real problems, because in the forest she witnessed a brutal attack by some kind of animal that killed her classmate. Apparently it was a wolf, but not everyone thinks so. The geeky one-armed hunter starts rambling about ancient legends and werewolf monsters, but who would believe such a thing? But Liv soon discovers that there is more truth to the talk than she would like. And that Thale was bitten in the attack…

In terms of story, Viking Wolf isn’t exactly an original spectacle, but I’m not sure if that’s necessarily a problem. In short, Stig Svendsen obviously took a look at a few horror movies about lycanthropy, picked out what works from them and what the fans probably want from them, and then made a movie accordingly. Everything happens here exactly as one would expect. There will be an unsuccessful attempt to catch the beast, Thale’s attempt not to turn into a monster, a chase around the city and the dilemma of whether to put a silver bullet in the head of the daughter turned into a monster, or hope that she will sleep from the wolf form until morning.

It’s still a Norwegian horror film, so they had to work with a more modest budget, which is unfortunately mostly reflected in the not-quite-successful tricks, on the other hand, Svendsen knows how to work with tension quite well, and at least the scene of the failed hunt and the first open encounter with the werewolf has an atmosphere. In addition, the creators are not afraid of blood and the footage is pushed under a pleasant hundred minutes, which does not hurt either. Unfortunately, it would like to push a little more, because in the last third the film’s chain falls and it starts to drag a little. The lack of originality associated with the need to save on attractions and action scenes probably simply had to show up here.

Play the trailerBoth Liv Mjönes and Elli Rhiannon Müller Osborne are very likable actresses and they handle action scenes, heated moments and simple dialogues between mother and daughter who don’t quite understand each other. The director also manages to sell the environment of the small Norwegian town and uncomfortably deep forests, and despite the lack of originality, weaker tricks and a slightly tighter finale, it’s actually quite nice. Much like the Troll. Maybe I’d be more strict with the rating, but there aren’t many werewolf horror movies lately, so I’ll throw in the extra star. Considering what Netflix has been sending out into the world in recent months, Vlk viking deserves it despite the criticisms.

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