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Director-Paul King
Cast- Murray mcarthur,Timothee chalamet Paul g raymond, Keegan-Michael Key ,Rowan Atkinson
Movie type- Adventure Comedy
Producers-Paul King
Release date 8 th December 2023
IMDB Rating-7.1
Duration-1 Hour 56 Minutes




If talent and hard work were enough to achieve success, Willy Wonka ( Timothée Chalamet ) would have no worries. However, it so happens that the road to the chocolate empire of your dreams not only leads through a series of bitter failures, but is also paved with unfortunate events. They are like a brick falling on the head of a boy who is floating in the clouds and in his mind’s eye he sees a refined boutique with his name on the sign. Fortunately, with the help of friends, even such obstacles are not terrible.

Paul King has experience in adapting classic British children’s literature. The two parts of ” Paddington ” won him the sympathy of both the audience and critics. In his hands, the prequel to ” Charlie and the Chocolate Factory “, written together with Simon Farnaby based on characters created by Roald Dahl , takes on an anti-capitalist flavor. Willy Wonka is, in fact, a textbook example of an aspiring entrepreneur who collides with life-complicating laws (you can’t sell if you don’t have a store; you can’t afford to open a store because you can’t sell) and unfavorable circumstances (absurd fees charged by a couple of cunning hoteliers ), and above all – predatory competition.

Three chocolate industry tycoons who formed an alliance for the sake of common interests do not particularly want to share profits. The virtuosity of their rival makes them believe that they would have to settle for a much smaller piece of the pie. Although their repertoire includes innocent tricks, such as criticism discouraging potential customers or mixing Wonka’s recipes, over time they resort to more and more drastic measures. And since they have in their hands some influential tricksters – the police chief ( Keegan-Michael Key ) and the bishop ( Rowan Atkinson ) – it will not be easy to mislead them. As if that was not enough, Wonka is followed by Ompa Lumpa (the flawless Hugh Grant ) – a ruthless and effective creature like the Tax Office, determined to more than recover the debt that the young chocolatier unknowingly incurred from his brethren.

There is no shortage of colorful characters among the hero’s allies. What is particularly noteworthy is Nitka, played by Calah Lane . The girl lends a helping hand to Wonka and soon becomes a partner in his adventures. The young actress created a convincing duet with Timothé Chalamet , who had to face not only the legend of Johnny Depp , but above all Gene Wilder . In his interpretation, Willy Wonka is an incorrigible dreamer. Even though he still has to pay for his naivety and boundless faith in the goodness of others, he does not lose his cheerfulness. On the other hand, we can see melancholy in him, and the longing for his mother ( Sally Hawkins ) that drives his actions means that the sweets he serves go straight to the heart.

Paul King boldly combines genres, making ” Wonka ” like a box of exquisite pralines. A gangster movie meets a musical, family melodrama meets comedy, and all this is generously sprinkled with fairy-tale fantasy. This crazy mix will make you hold your stomach with laughter during the screening, but it will also make you shed a tear of emotion. So if you’re looking for pre-Christmas entertainment for the whole family, you’ve come to the right place. Because, like chocolate, the magic of cinema tastes best when shared with loved ones

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