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Cast-Bryce, Dua Lipa, Sam, Henry, and John Cavill
Movie type- Action/Thriller
Producers-Mathew Vaughn, Jason Fuchs
Release date 02 and February 2024
IMDB Rating-6
Duration-2 Hour 19 Minutes




Argyle is a character who is seen as the dancing with the lady goon to be dance but she is very clever and makes a gun out of it by identifying him as the spy she warns him to put his hands up and be ready to be shoot by her shooters while they are reloaded gun Argylle give a message to his Wyatt team for spreading out smog in the hall where he escaped and her third mate who was waiting for her in the car was making downloading the content of lady goon but lady goon make a shoot to her at the heart of lady spy which makes Argylle tense and has a sense of tense for protect her Wyatt gives him tip for catch lady goon as lady spy was look hospitalized by him.
The goon was followed by Argylle by the car and was rushed in the bike at last she was caught by Wyatt and asked for whom she worked she gave her way that her boss was cheating on them. Argylle was a book written by Elly Perry the novelist she was in five editions and was about to give her sixth edition of Argylle’s book.
She was a top writer who wrote the Spy Universe stories her mother was the caretaker of her and was identified as a helper in the story ,Elly was tense in the mood that she was not able to make find a way to master file which was a precious game as contained all criminal data,

She decided to make the way to London while she was in the train she was enjoying the journey she met with the character called Aiden was the man with the beard and long shape she is having to know the identity as she sees Argylle in him and as a unknown want to get signature from her her she attacked him by the pen which make the loose his heart as many of shooters were attacking her she was in a panic that why all are against her make her run from the train by help of the parachuthe she was given a relief after she reached home of Aiden she was given a sense for the work ,Aiden want her to know the location where she put the hacker trackon for passing on master file.

They flew to the london where she was get to apartment of hacker she was shocked as wallpaper being used by hacker on wall she was given the way by hacker as Aiden finds a box which carriers key in the box but he could not identify.Armor sent goons for capturing master file Aiden and Elly successfully escaped with book and key .She make the call to her moom that she caught in mess and her mom give a way that she reaches hotel where she make the way in the reaching room and Armor who is imaginary father of Elly and Maggrot mom make her comfort but Aiden shoot them with the gun and make a escape of Elly to Europe where they met Alphy boss He tell them truth that she was Richard a top spy officer who was brainwashed and made with a accident that make her loss memory and Maggrot using his psyhatarist techniques of skate musical tone and hytonosis make her mom and dad,

Aiden could not do anything else .Elly was given a book to the Alphy which decoded Saba the owner of master file she goes to Arab with Aiden and make a way to the meet to the Saba in which she tell her identigy Richards making the pen drive to her in which she sees the name of her as a top crime perssonel,She was shocked and She was drunk a tea which contain the sleepy pills and make a way to Armor she was making the hit to the Aiden on heart and make a way to the Armor believe in her and make a way to the access denied of server and make a removal of master file delete.

She attacked both and run with Aiden make a way to hit the goons and have make killed the Armor down and they are sending data to Alphy through ship in which they Elly got hytoponised by the Maggrot and make way to the hit to the Aiden and terminate file but third friend Brian hit Maggrot and make a way out and they kissed each other while reciting end of story she met with Argylle duplicate,

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