Sapta Sagaradaache Ello – Side B

Sapta Sagaradaache Ello - Side B
Sapta Sagaradaache Ello – Side B

Movie details

Director-Hemath Rao
Cast-Ramesh Indira, Rakshit Shetty, Rukmini Vasanth
Movie type- Romance/Drama
Producers-Rakshit Shetty
Release date 17th November 2023
IMDB Rating-8.1
Languages–Telegu, Kannada, Malayalam and Tamil
Duration-2 Hour 28 Minutes


Sapta Sagaradaache Ello – Side B Trailer


Manu is a character that has come off out of jail after 10 years of jail and is met with the friend of Prakash .The life has make a U Turn in the life of Manu his curiosity for meeting the Priya has grown up resulting in the cage of the old memories embedded in his mind and the voice of her which was recorded on the tape has been listened by him for making him relax his selfness has been captured in a room given by Prakash the love is below the hands of the Manu it has a dreamof taking the seven seas beyond their love and has been residing in their with Priya.

Prakash met to him to Surabhi a call girl who is impressed with the dedication of love towards Priya .Manu want to know the way to reach the Priya who has missing from his search He contacted Surabhi for making a fake call to Priya and know his address.Manu has got his address and sees him from the boggy of scrap train where he usually sees the activities of her and her daily routine.He first contacted with her husband in a bar where he tell his story about a business loss in business and make a loan of 80 lakh on him.

Priya is trapped in life with making a distance from music whom she loved.The Prakash was hit by Manu for the revenge but her inner soul love for Priya make a way to take him to hospital Manu make a way to his car owner for the money where he got a watch for the money by owner son.He make a way to give 8 lacs through Prakash for starting a business where he is the hotel business running for restaurant .Prakash takes a paper to him and make a way to start his business and have the way for making Priya and son happy

.He make a room rent near to music school where she can take the hobbies remember and through kid he has sent audition pamphlet to Priya.Soma the goon want to take down the Manu as his brother was hanged to death by the Manu.Priya husband takes a known that Prakash is a cab driver and takes him to Manu .Manu reveals the truth for such cause and request to make Priya to join contestant
,Prabhu was captured by Manu for the revenge and owner son got to death By manu.Soma kidnaps Surabhi .

Manu get the fight back to the Soma gang and has been wounded and dreamt of taking Priya to truth of dream sea and make a dive in ocean for his love.Manu make all settle in life for Priya home ,Resturant and Surabhi his love by sacrificing himself.A modern tale of love comes to an end

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