Indian Police Force

Indian Police Force
Indian Police Force

Movie details

Director-Rohit Shetty
Cast-Shilpa Shetty Vivek Oberoi and Siddharth Malhotra
Movie type- Thriller
Producers-Rohit Shetty Picturez and Reliance Entertainment
Release date 19th January 2024
IMDB Rating-5.4
Duration-5 Hour


Indian Police Force Trailer


The Indian Police Force is a story that depicts the Delhi Raising Days where the Delhi Police has been celebrated but with the plan of 6 blasts in the Delhi area that have shocked the wave of danger all around it making a threat in the mind of Delhi locals as the bomb claims the death of 250 civilians which make Delhi police take action to that action. During the action, a mail was received from the News channel regarding the bomb planned by Indian Mujhaddeen.

Zarrar the mastermind who lives in the Delhi Chandani Chowk has made the plan with the help of Saeed who plays the role of getting raw materials from the hardware shops for making the bombs for the terror and has six people teams that placed them in six different zones. Jaideep Commisioner of Delhi has committed to get that terrorist they have Kabir and Vikram in a team that makes a way by the informer about terrorist hides in Firoza Nagar.

The Delhi Police got a tip that the four rent people living in Gujrat had left and complaint from the landlord about them they got a phone number In the bomb place they got a sketch a boy saw Zaraar and drew a sketch that provided a hint and Shadab’s face was drawn sent by the landlord. Tara Shetty ATS head make the intel that Delhi is threatened by bombs come true.

Delhi police find a phone number tracked and make a way to the location in which war they lost Vikram and Shadab were caught.
Kabir transferred to another department but the death of Senior took revenge to catch the Zaraar. Zarrar did the same in Jaipur by implanting bombs in different parts of the City.

Tara was head of Kabir Malik now as a special unit sent by the Delhi Police to catch they got a tip as the Narcautics team saw Anthony a Drug Mafia Agent giving funds to the Sikku partner of Zarrar.

Zarrar successfully implanted a bomb in the Cafe making the mission accomplished but Sikku failed as they were caught in the Water Amusement park. All the parts are connected as they claim all three members Saeed and his team got shot and Zarrar got undergrounded.

Nafeesa wife of Zarrar comes to know her husband is a terrorist by Rafiq Agent of IM in Iran.Deli police made a plan to find a way to catch Zaraar where they met Jagtap In Bangladesh they caught Zarrar and made a way to homecoming to India Mission Accomplished.But Mastermind is still in the way out

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