Captain Miller

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Cast-Dhanush,Shivrajkumar,Vinayakana Priya Nivedettha
Movie type- Epic Action Adventure
Producers-Sendhi Thayagrajan Arjun Thayagrajan
Release date 12th January 2024
IMDB Rating-7.3
Languages-Hindi, Telegu, Kannada, Malayalam and Tamil
Duration-2 Hour 37 Minutes


Captain Miller Trailer


Before 1930-1940 the Britishers have a rule over the India in a village near Potighal hills there is a temple which is find for having gemstones and there is quarrel for having the lower caste not entered in the temple.Britishers wanted to just captured the Miller and make a reward of 10000 on him they ask the villagers about him but no one knows where he is so they shoot them Miller is a renegade and is against the Britishers he knows the death news so they captured Brithish office captured and shoot all the officials for making the innocent killed .

Eesa is Captain Miller is a boy who and his friend went to village secretly for seeing the queen but they caught by king son and they are being caught but Velamathi helped them by the escaping Eesa falls in love with her but King give a warning to Velamthi for not doung action in future Next time Eesa participate the temple festval and make the Velamathi escape to meet his lover his heart broken and pissed off by the rule and live as slave so he join British Academy in there where he trained and disciplined by them where he secret name was given by the official as Captain Miller where he is having life of freedom there first war is against their own people The British officials tell them to shoot them they gathered and fired which make Eesa and his friend hate of themselves they make a unit of them as fighter against British army.

He was joined by a troop who look after the same enemy where they have fought the British officials and make a weapon for them to fight.They are constantly winning but one day Miller make with accident he is wounded with injury and brought back to the nearest help center for the fighters where he met Velamati again and make a clear that he shot dead his husband.

Sembaata his brother comes too know about him as Eesa come to village and march against the Britishers so they make arrest of them and make the entry of General of Britishers and make the way for throwing out King and his son from Village they got succeeded by having both brothersfight gainst them.After a decades people enter happily in temple and Captain Miller named remembered in all other parts of India

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