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Cast-Bhumi Pendekar Sanjay Mishra Aditya Srivastav
Movie type- Thriller/Drama
Producers-Gauri Khan
Release date 09 th February 2024
IMDB Rating-7.4
Duration-2 Hour 14 Minutes


Bhakshak Trailer


Late at night a person had intimate with a child girl and she was screaming in pain Sonu came to ask the person what had happened she put red chili powder in her private parts which was causing unbearable pain Sonu asked for the doctor who told him for cure with ice and water but it is not possible they put a pillow on face and make her dead. They put her body in the car and left him burnt in the graveyard having not to tell anyone to person who does this ritual as he belongs to the Bansi Sahu Gang,

Gupta ji just called the Vaishali anchor of the Koshish news Channel and gave a report of Social Audit report for Home for orphan girls. Vaishali goes to the news and sees that there is cruelty and brutality at its peak making the childhood of a girl life hell with facing such torture and pain by the Cruel people for making their lust clear on girls and the access given by Bansi Sahu and his team.

Vaishali along with Bhaskar Camerman run looked after the case and made a visit to the different home shelters for orphans in different villages where they could not find the way out thor. Munawarpur in Bihar she makes her way to a shelter home telling one girl who cooked food and has worked over there Sudha hesitates to tell the story due to fear but at last she says she was a maid for cooking food for the orphan where she met Rajni who tells about madness of girl. At late night Sudha sees a dead body carrying an orphan and CCU member Mithilesh Sinha having sex with a girl and more people in different rooms.

There the girls dance with drunken people at the party. Sudha finds a way to escape there
She was met with the sister’s husband who is a lawyer and filed a PIL against Bansi Sahu but as a result, they made an attack, which led to her admission to the hospital Vaisali was threatened by accident and made away by her husband by putting news that people are beaten for truth and justice this leads to create blunder in the Bacchu Babu MP life by making a fire against Sonu for the case.

The mission ends when Vasihali is convinced of the heinous crime to speak on camera by Sudha and make the evidence for the Police to catch BansiSahu the team caught make girls free from jail for harassment and makes a happy smile on Vaishali as the crime can be done but we have to stop to make society free

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