Hi Nanna

Hi Nanna
Hi Nanna

Movie Details

Cast-Nanni,Mrunal Thakur,Kiara Khanna and Nasser
Movie type- Romantic drama
Producers-C.V Mohun
Release date 07 th December 2023
IMDB Rating-8.2
Languages-Hindi, Telegu, Kannada, Malayalam and Tamil
Duration-2 Hour 35 Minutes


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Viraj is a father who is a national-level photographer having a life with full stardom and luxury life for their .having six daughters named Mahi who is having a disease Cystic fibrosis is an internal disease that causes the body to make abnormally thick mucus. The mucus builds up in the lungs and pancreas also, developing some damage in digestion problems and serious lung infections.

The disease causes a lot of pain to little Mahi as she has to take food with full care and breathe accordingly with medical instruments that make her suffer a lot in the body. She is very good at studies having a competition in class and she has Uncle Jayaram who takes care absence of Viraj She is having the promise made by her mother to tell her the story of the mother Varsha when she got first rank in the class. Mahi then suddenly began to study hard in the class and find a way to accomplish her goals by making the top rank in the class she started to make the goal nearby. The result day came with the good news and made Mahi ask about her mother Varsha but Viraj refused the news and made the disheart to a little child.

She along with her dog just run away from home where she met with Yashna whom she got up and called Viraj about that she is in the cafe Viraj rushed up to the cafe and on request, she told her story that she met with Varsha in a hill station on railway station where he clicks the photographs of her and describe the perfect portrait of her album. Viraj and their friend met with Varsha and her brother. Varsha’s father was very brutal with his mother they always fought to other in a high high-pitched voice that scared and depressed her along with her brother.
Viraj was invited to the party where she was being met with Varsha was enjoying the party but they went to another room where they met with the father and mother fight where she cried and hugged Viraj.

Viraj makes her comfortable by making the old memories vanish by making the love spread all around the world of by having developed the color of love and astonishing gifts to be forever for her. Varsha’s mother called him to the hotel where she met with Viraj asking about the profession with the sequence of her daughter she asked him to pay the bill for 7 star hotel where she tested his daily income Viraaj managed to pay the bill As he filled bill with the full salary. Varsha goes against her parents and marries Viraj where they both have a love and happy life Viraaj developed the good life by having a good home and car them they are having a happy married life. Varsha got pregnant and told Viraaj that there is happiness in life.

There came a tragedy while traveling they met with an accident in which Mahi was born and Varsha’s mother requested her to get out of the life of Varsha and make life easy for us. Viraj accomplishes his promise and has a way back. After some days Yashna comes home and all are shocked as she was Varsha who lost her memory and met with Mahi. She enjoys the company of the Yashna and having a birthday party with her on the beach.

Viraaj also liked it. Jayaram who is the father of Varsha rushes to Yashna’s marriage with a doctor and asks her to run away to Viraaj for the mistake he has made she should not. Yashna remembered all her identity and ran to Viraaj about why he did that to her he started crying and apologized to her and Mahi was also happy with the decision and made complete love to her mother and father.Hi Nanna is that a father’s love for her daughter is eternal and unconditional what circumstances he faces

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