Curry & Cyanide: The Jolly Joseph Case

Curry & Cyanide: The Jolly Joseph Case

Movie Details

Cast & Crew- B.A Aloor, C.S Chandrika, Nikhila Henry, Remo Roy, K.G Simon, Megna Srivastav, Renji Wilson

Director- Chirsto Tommy

Released date- 22 December 2023



It is a documentary case that revolved around the death of six innocents by a lady named Jolly Joseph. The case is having a victim tool as cyanide which is mixed in food while serving to all victims. This poisonous substance makes the case named Curry & Cyanide.

Jolly Joseph is a very clever women who fall in love with a man and just want to enjoy her life luxuriously in the house as she belongs to a poor family but her husband’s mother is not enough qualified for the family to fit as family belongs to the education field with holding good positions in degree. So she makes a false statement by telling her mother in law with the say that she is a graduate which agrees her to marriage. One year later their son was born with Remo and this made the family happy. After time passes way her mother-in-law convinces her to join the job as she is educated but Jolly doesn’t like it the way.

So she plans a way to kill her mother-in-law so she makes a friendship with her husband’s uncle’s son who works in gold jewellers which uses cyanide as a material in gold. So she makes a way to get that cyanide through him to execute the killing of the mother-in-law. One day she was in the kitchen when she added cyanide to curry and served it to her to eat ..which made her unconscious and paralyzed for help she screamed and all the members rushed to the hospital but she cant survive which led to sadness in the family demise.

After some years same thing was asked by the husband’s father for the will she did not like him and treated her same way with the same way as killed mother in law and gave him poison too. The husband leaves alone with Jolly which creates a way of making relations with the uncle’s son which makes the uncle very angry as he requests to cut relations which hurts Jolly too. and kills him too. For more details please see the movie for a thriller experience.

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