Salaar Part-1 (Ceasefire)

Salaar Part-1 (Ceasefire)

Movie Details

Director- Prashant Neel
Cast- Prabhas Prithiviraj Sukumaran Shruti Hassan
Movie type- Action Thriller
Producers- Vijay Kirgandur
Release date 22 and December 2023
IMDB Rating- 6.7
Languages- Hindi, Telegu, Kannada, Malayalam, and Tamil
Duration- 2 Hour 52  Minutes



Salaar is a movie based on a part named Khansaar which is a hub of all illegal works done in India like gambling drugs and other works. The Story began in 1627 when Changez Khan ruled over there for ages and made a hub for the rule, During the pass of time there is 1847 there were three tribe divisions named Shrouyunga, Mannars, and Ghaniyars which attacked Britishers whenever they crossed the border for captured the Khansaar but they get defeated. Siva was selected for the king post with the highest 15  votes and in 1947 when India got independence they erased the Khansaar city from India Map.

So the Siva died in some years which led Shoruyunga to rule but Rajmanar son of Siva ruled the seat. So he makes the plan by just destroying all the Shrouyunga tribe where he rules the City of Khansaar. Rajmannar has two wives and children named Vardharaja, Bacchi, Radha Rama and Rudra. So when he got to some work outside of Khansaar he made Radha Rama as backup for the throne.

During the period there was a conspiracy for the throne between the Mannars and Ghaniyaars for the throne which resulted in the entry of Vardharaja so is to capture the throne there was a fight between all peoples due to a lack of people there lost Vardharaja so he went to a friend named Deva who make a promise whenever he needs help he came to help for the Throne. When he met Dhora Narang’s son who abuses girls physically Deva was not able to see this and killed him in thousands of women.

He is brought out to the kingdom to kill the Vardharaja but the Dhora Narang wants to kill but something else happens which leads to disaster in the kingdom Deva kills him. So they are captured in the jail both of them there is voting for a ceasefire and Vardharaja’s vote is important to the support/support for Ceasefire.

So he votes in support of a ceasefire that flooded terror in the Khansaar where Dhora Ranga wants to kill Vardharaja but this led to the death of nothing else than him. There is a storytelling done to the Daughter of an official of Vardharaja who is kidnapped by the plan of Radha Rama and prevents the Deva from absconding as he is the Salaar of Kingdom Khansaar this is revealed when Deva stops the vehicle that is going to Khansaar to protect the girl which led to the punishment of death as written in Khansaar Law book. Deva is a Shroyunga tribe member and he wants to rule the Khansaar but the promise is there always. In part 2 you see how two friends became brutal enemies of each other.

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