Movie Details

Director-Rajkumar Hirani
Cast-Shahrukh Khan,Tapsee Pannu,Boman Irani,Vicky Kaushal
Movie type-Comedy Drama
Producers-Rajkumar Hirani Gauri Khan
Release date- 21st December 2023
IMDB Rating-7.6
Duration-2 Hour 40 Minutes



Dunki is a film that contains four characters named Hardy, Manu, Bali, and Sardar Ji. The film revolves around three characters First Manu whose house is on mortgage due to not proper source of funds by the father as he is old and she is the only bread earner in the family making the Chappatis in Dhaba for years. Second is Bali who is alone with their mother and has the mother working as she sews clothes whereas Bali works as a Barber.

Third is Sardarji which work in a clothes shop and his mother works as a watchman job in the company. Hardy is an army official having a job in a village named Laltu in Punjab in 1995 he got to visit to meet Manu’s brother who saved his life from the unconscious and wounded in the field and was taken to hospital. When he came to Laltu he visited the Dhaba to have food where he met Manu and asked for his brother’s address he did not know that he was the brother of Manu who was searching for.

So when he visits the home they tell him the story and he brings a radio as received from Manu’s brother but he is not more as he met with an accident a few days back. Manu tells him the sad story of home and asks him to visit London. At first, three friends went to Dunki to London to get rich and free their family from worry but Sardarji only had 50 K to give to the broker and the Broker told to Doctor a fake identity and sent him to a visa office where he got rejected due to not proper knowledge of doctor.

When they come back and ask for Dunki’s process the broker absconds from the village and makes them fool. In search of the dream to London they went to a professional who works in IELTS for the English process through this process they went to London. So Hardy and all of them went there for the Dunki process making the easy way where they met Sukhi whose lover was in London and got married to a rich person but got harassed daily.

So the process begins for the story they got out for visa to apply where Bali got selected and all rejected. The Sukhi lover dies in wait which leads him to suicide which makes him sad for Dunki’s way through execution. They all travel through water deserts and containers to reach London. After being reached there they see Bali as working as a statue and living in bad conditions which makes their heart broken, So they find Mr. Patel who is a broker for getting the legal way of settling in London through marriage or Education Student.

So during the process, Hardy got into jail as he caught an immigrant in the court he admitted that he loved his India Country utmost and was sent back to India. All three stay thirty years and earn a lot of money and want to come back to India in Hardy to help them with the process. This happens when all of them return home as Manu gets home and Hardy makes a propose for marriage Manu dies. The story ends on a sad note.

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