Movie Details

Director-Sandeep Reddy Vanga
Cast-Ranbir Kapoor Anil Kapoor Bobby Deol Shakti Kapoor Rashmika Mandanna Tripti Dimri
Movie type-Action Thriller
Producers-Bhushan Kumar Krishan Kumar
Release date- 1st  December 2023
IMDB Rating-6.8
Languages-Hindi, Telegu, Kannada, Malayalam and Tamil
Duration-3 Hours 24  Minutes



Ranvijay Singh is a concerned son about his father he thinks his father is best in love and world to him. But there is the young one he is so happy as his father today so he gets beaten by the teacher as he goes flying away from the class to home as the bell rings for class he runs along with the sisters to the home but his father is not there so visit to company plant for visit to meet him.

His father has no time due to work so he comes home and meets him as he sleeps he writes a letter describing about love for his father. As time passed grew away he graduated and came to India for a friend’s sister’s marriage he was impressed by Geetanjali and fell in love. It is their father’s birthday so he cuts his hair for his father as a birthday gift but his brother-in-law wants to close to the minister for business purposes which he denies and makes a quarrel against him.

So this set to upsets their elder sister and goes there to lessen her sadness as in young he is protective he bullies all the seniors who misbehave with his sister. He apologized to brother in law and this made a way to talk to his father but his father was upset with his son’s behavior so he slapped him and said get out of the home. When he was leaving home Geetanjali came to him and married they settled in America and worked there.

Years passed away News break Balbir Singh father of Ranvijay hit by two teenagers on the chest with a pistol so he rushed away to meet him. There is a meet and make way to secure his father he came to his home village to meet his ancestral home for help. Their cousin’s brothers are ready to help and come back. First, they make a body double of the father who gets killed by Asrar brother of Abid Aziz, and Abrar who is a family business enemy. So as the corpse goes there the Uncle records a live call between Asrar and Brother in law for killing Father and him.

So he killed Asrar and Brother in law revenge. Abrar Haque is getting married third time and brother Abid dont tells Asrar death which makes him angry, So as revenge, they send Zoya for Ranvijay making a fake love to him which makes them enter Aziz’s home as Ranvijay’s body double. Ranvijay makes a truth out to Zoya as in the fall Abrar is in Scotland so he plans to visit and kill Abrar.

As he visited there the Abrar killed him as he was absconding. Ranvijay came back home he came to know that his father had been diagnosed with the disease and had less time left with him So he confessed love and frustration his father apologized for not giving him the love and care he needed So time passed away Aziz killed two cousins of Ranvijay and revenge is almost not over Next Animal Park is coming

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