Tiger 3

Tiger 3

Movie Details

Director-Maneesh Sharma
Cast-Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif, Ranveer Shorey, Emraan Hashmi, Riddhi Dogra
Movie type-Action Thriller
Producers-Aditya Chopra
Release date- 12th November 2023
IMDB Rating-6.6
Languages-Hindi, Telegu, and Tamil
Duration-2 Hour 30  Minutes



Tiger 3 is a spy universe film of the YRF Spy Universe and a part of the Tiger Zinda hai and Ek tha Tiger. The story starts with Tiger Raw agent India going to free his agent from the Terrorist place on the order of his boss as he is the ex-supervisor of the Tiger and successfully recused from there. Gopi the ex-supervisor wishes to go back to India during the journey he tells Zoya the wife of Tiger the Double Role of Agents which is threatened to him after such a  verdict he passes away.

Tiger comes home and meets his son Junior and Zoya where music comes around which reveals the past of the Zoya. There is information with the informers which is passed and highly confidentially so Tiger keeps an eye on the Zoya to find a way to receive information but enemies around the informer attack him and Tiger saves him but gets shocked when in real he sees his wife Zoya is still working as ISI agent for making the barrier between the India and Pakistan peace met by Pakitan prime minister on Independence day.

Aatish Rehman the master mind attacked the Tiger and threatened if he was not able to get security passcodes he would not spare Zoya and Junior So he decided to team up with Zoya and get connected to old RAW agents to make the mission successful so he steals the passcodes with Zoya and passes away the passcodes to Zoya to Aatish Rehmen which get him and trolled Tiger as Anti Terrorist in India and barrier for harmony in the relation between Nations.

So Tiger made a plan to execute and save the prime minister’s Mission So he secretly entered Pakistan in the premises of Pakistan premises to focus on the peace relation. In between he knows that Aatish Raehman’s wife Shaheen was killed by him due to the killing of the foreign minister talk which makes anger happen in his brother who is in his team. So he makes a plan to manipulate him of plan Tiger uses the Prime Minister’s Secretary to enter there and tells him his life is in danger Army general and Aatish Rehman are in common to meet him she believes him and makes an entry into a private secret place for prime minister that is safe.

Tiger fights with army officials and tells Aatish Rehman is a culprit to the media which makes the process safe for work. The plan worked Tiger killed Aatish Rehman and made the mission accomplished. Return to home with Zoya after mission and Boss happy with the Tiger.

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