Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Movie Details

Director-Sriram Raghavan
Cast-Vijay Sethupathi, Katrina Kaif
Movie type- Thriller
Producers Ramesh Taurani and Jaya Taurani
Release date- 12th January 2024
IMDB Rating-7.6
Languages-Hindi, Telegu, and Tamil
Duration-2 Hour 25  Minutes



Merry Christmas as a festival of joy and cherish began in an auspicious way but in the movie, it turned around for Albert. Albert has returned from jail 7 years after being murdered by her wife and has come home for Christmas. He met with his uncle and enjoyed the day as they were celebrating Christmas Eve full of lights and Candles.

Albert is remembering his old days as they are having fun with reading books and her late mother. So on Christmas, he got up and ready for the market and called a person. When he saw a shop he went there to buy a cage with a bird chirping gift. He goes to a bar where he is enjoying his beer and a person is meeting in the washroom can you see a lady with a girl please tell her he is gone. Albert meets Maria and talks after some time they get out holding the teddy bear and the girl.

He went to Maria’s home where they enjoyed dance and a glass of wine Maria told about Jerome his husband who is an investment banker and they have a bakery. Albert tells her plan and they both get out in the evening to see the view and go to Albert’s home. When they came back they saw Jeroome killed with a bullet in the chest and holding a pistol they got anxious. Maria got out Albert from home. Then she came to Chruch as they followed by Albert she fainted and Ron came for support and came to the car to drop her at home.

When they reach home they having fun talking to each other when Maria notices that her watch is missing from her hands they rush to church and search Watch but they don’t find it. but they dropped Albert at home. But Albert came back and talked to her daughter and hid in the back. Till Ron arrives back at Maria back home they see Jerome died and call the police for help.

Albert noticed there were two identical rooms on the floor where there was Jerome and one there was nothing but the same. So the police investigate and go back to seal Jeroome’s Room, Albert comes to Maria about why she killed Jeromme She says he mixed drugs in wine made a glove in his hands, and shot Jeromme himself. Albert supports him for vanishing evidence where they clean up all evidence. Ron has missed his purse in the room and got by Albert.

For the next day’s Investigation, there is a suicide while the people are free but a twist comes police officer asks Maria’s daughter who gave this caged bird chirping to you and she says Albert the police doubts Maria as she lies about her daughter is dumb and cannot speak she lied to protect the Maria Albert put a ring on Maria hand and sees the Ron Purse to the police and identify him as killer.

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