Fall (2022)

Fall (2022)

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Movie: Fall (2022)
Director: Scott Mann
Cast: Grace Caroline, Currey, Virginia Gardner, and Mason Gooding
Movie Type: Thriller/Thriller
Release date: 12 August 2022
IMDB Rating: 6.4/10
Languages: Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, and English
Duration: 1h 47m


Fall (2022)


Watching Climbing Madman Alex Honnold in one of the best documentaries of the last five years was a breathtaking experience for me, and I still regret not seeing Free Solo in theaters. While watching the new thriller Fall, I often thought to myself that the big screen would suit him too. Despite the first teaser with lousy CGI, the resulting film offered a surprising number of shots in which one gets slightly dizzy or stomach-churning from camera runs or drone overflights. And that’s probably the most interesting thing about Scott Mann’s new film, the director of otherwise not much-praised action movies – that it looks really good.

The understated thriller tells the story of two best friends who first experience a traumatic accident together, only to go to a former TV tower in the middle of the American desert to overcome their fear. It measures some 610 meters – to give you a better idea, it’s two Eiffel Towers – it’s all rusted, there’s no signal on it, and after a few minutes, there’s no longer even a ladder that the two girls climbed up. And so the whole survival drama begins.

The relatively unknown Grace Fulton and Virginia Gardner appear in the lead roles. The first looks like a copy of Eliška Křenková, which was a good thing, and the second, for a change, plays a YouTuber who wears plunging necklines for clickbait. Fortunately, both girls make up for the absence of a larger acting repertoire with economical clothes, which the camera tries to sell as best as possible in many moments. And it does well since there’s not much else this acrophobic affair offers besides a bunch of genre clichés, a few cheap twists, and a likable cameo from Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

Of course, Mann didn’t shoot any ambitious work, this is not 127 hours. The plot is fictitious and at times rather silly. However, Fall manages to create mild tension, and the film is particularly clever in how it tries to gradually bring both girls back down to earth. They have phones, a drone, a backpack, water, a few meters of rope, and even a source of electricity at hand, and all rescue attempts are done at a brisk pace, so the viewer doesn’t get many opportunities to get bored.

The relationship level with the admixture of a red library as if from an afternoon soap opera on Nova was a necessary evil in my eyes, but somehow the 107-minute footage had to be fulfilled – after all, what else would you want to cram into an almost two-hour film about two girls sitting on a tower – fortunately, it however, it takes up only a minimum of space, and even that is compensated by an unexpected portion of blood and brutality (at least considering the type of film).

In short, the rest is a pretty attractive, albeit B-grade spectacle with a nice cast, even nicer high-up shots, and a few downright funny moments. Nothing revolutionary, but for me a very nice thriller surprise and a thumbs up.

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