Ticket to Paradise (2022)

Ticket to Paradise (2022)

Movie Details

Movie: Ticket to Paradise(2022)
Director: Ol Parker
Cast-George Clooney, Sean Lynch, and Julia Roberts
Movie Type: Romance/Comedy
Release date: 20 September 2022
IMDB Rating: 6.1/10
Languages: English with Malay and Chinese subtitles
Duration: 1h 44m


Ticket to Paradise (2022)


Films like Ticket to Paradise are written badly. On the one hand, I find it hard to find anything to praise in him. On the other hand, it is evident that it turned out exactly as the creators planned it and that they knew exactly who to target and how to target it. However, if you go on it with your mother, she will probably be satisfied. In this case, however, the approach of the creators seemed perhaps overly practical.

George Clooney and Julia Roberts play ex-husbands who have been together for five years, but after nearly twenty more have not come to terms with the fact that they are divorced. They don’t see each other, they don’t talk to each other, and when they do meet somewhere, they start arguing within three seconds. Fortunately, they meet only because of their daughter Lily, but she has now written to them from Bali that she has taken a look at the local algae grower and is going to get married. So the two heroes go to the wedding, trying to put their mutual friction behind them for at least a few days and try to prevent the wedding so that their daughter does not make the same mistake as the two of them once did.

If you’re wondering what’s next, I reckon you’ve seen about twelve movies in your life. The ticket to paradise will surprise you with absolutely nothing. To write that they stick to the beaten tracks and classic and proven genre lessons would be akin to saying that the new AC/DC album is quite reminiscent of the previous one. But, just like with this rock legend, it works in a way, and everyone behind and in front of the camera knows that their audience would not appreciate any novelties.

Clooney and Roberts took it, so to speak, “on Sandlar.” A few years ago, the film world made a bit of a joke about him, that he always takes a few friends, goes with them to Hawaii (try to make me laugh) they will take a nice vacation there and just by the way, in between, they will shoot some undemanding spectacle. Ideally, exactly as expected of them. This is the same. Old friends Clooney and Roberts sat down, came up with a movie, cast themselves in the main roles, entrusted the direction to a routine who knows good pictures and stories for an older audience, and went to Australia, where they pretended to be in Bali and filmed this.

Ticket to Paradise is a corny romance relying on two people who are no longer superstars, but still have a pretty star-studded reputation. And above all, many people remember them from the time when they were the stars. I’d be kidding if I said Clooney and Roberts weren’t cool. They do exactly what they’re asked, so Roberts is a slightly sullen but still charming lady who doesn’t let anything get in her way, just like she did in Pretty Woman, Erin Brockovich, and Danny’s Sidekicks. And Clooney can still be a charming goofball with a swagger like he was in Forbidden Fruit, Intolerable Cruelty, and Danny’s Sidekicks. Despite their growing number of wrinkles, the two are just as likable and funny as Mom and grandma remember them.

Ol Parker, who made the wonderful Marigold Hotel and the two Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again, also has his audience well-read and offers him a combination of nice pictures, a simple story, a bit of romance, and a bit of fun. All of this served very simply, comprehensibly, and in such a way that even the most heated conflict can be resolved with a few warm words at sunset on the beach. Trouble-free heroes in a trouble-free world solve a problem and you can see the happy ending even before the opening credits roll.

It’s lazy, too ordinary and, I might not be afraid to say, a little undignified for a pair of Oscar winners. But on the other hand, the smoothness, the nice environment, the beautiful people, and the fact that it all ends very well is exactly what your mother is looking for in movies when she reaches for Pretty Woman.

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