Guntur Kaaram

Guntur Kaaram
Guntur Kaaram

Movie details

Director-Trivikram Srinivas
Cast-Mahesh Babu, Ramya Krishnan, Prakash Raj, Jagapathi Babu
Movie type- Action/Drama
Producers-S Radha Krishnan
Release date 12th January 2024
IMDB Rating-6.2
Languages–Hindi, Punjabi, Kannada, Malayalam and Tamil
Duration-2 Hour 42 Minutes


Guntur Kaaram Trailer


Venkata Raman is the owner of the city of Guntur a city that is famous for chillies he has a business of transporting to all over India. The story begins with a blast in the godown of Venkat Raman which is done by Marx and his brother in the fight Raman loses his half-vision. Raman’s mother left her alone to father and his father was sentenced to jail for 10 years.

Raman was called by his grandmaternal father to sign the will that he is not having a relationship with his mother Vasundhra. But he ignored that his mother is a law minister in Hyderabad. The way adopted by Balu and his senior Pani to make him sign Raman come to Pani’s home where he met the daughterAmulya and flat on him his father used to trick to enter her into Raman’s home and make him sign the wallpaper but the strategy got wrong and Amulya files a complaint that he destroyed his Vyra uncle property which makes Raman into Police inquiry but when Raman know the truth he destroyed and police arrived to capture him.

The betrayal is always there Marx makes a war against the Raman. There is Madhu and Hari das who are against her mother. Vyra took a plan and made a scene out of it where she was attacked by a Truck hard making the political sentiment high this led to the truth to Pani that Vyra had a marriage of his nephew to Vasundhra and destroyed Venkat Raman’s warehouse with the help of Marx and make a quarrel in heart of Vasundhra. Venkat also tells the truth to Raman that her mistake let her down to go to her mother.

Raman makes a war against HariDass and Madhu for truth. But the truth came as Vyra is the mastermind and wants to make the political career of his grandson into Politics this leads to hurting Vasundra and making his way out to Guntur with his son and a happy life with his husband.

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