Karmma Calling

Karmma Calling

Movie Details

Director-Ashutosh Shah Taher Shabbir
Cast-Raveena Tandon, Ronit Roy, Viraf Patel, Narmata Seth
Movie type- Thriller
Producers-Ashutosh Shah Taher Shabbir
Release date 26th January 2024
IMDB Rating-5.8
Duration-5 Hour 50 Minutes


Karmma Calling trailer


It is a series named Karma which is the main character in the web series having revenge on her late father who was accused by the Kothari Group for scam of money.

Ambika Mehra’s character name Karma real she takes a fake identity and enters the house of the Asshiyana which is a place in Alibaug near Mumbai where the Kothari mansion was there. Indrani Kothari and Kaushal Kothari are the owners of the Kothari group. Indrani has a friend Named Dolly who cheats him as she is obsessed with Kaushal’s love and lust towards her.

In a hotel, they are both having fun and Karma takes advantage and mixes something laxative in the food of Kaushal which leads to Kaushal being admitted to the hospital where she meets Dolly and says is your husband okay. On the eve of the Karwa Chauth, they are going to see the moon by helicopter for breakfast but Karma uses their mind and tells the truth to Indrani for Kaushal is with Dolly which takes a jealous revenge on Dolly.

Nikhil a financial advisor whocheated his father Satyajeet used the mind of Zane his father’s close friend said that Zane was investing in prime shares when greedy Nikhil put all money as a tip from Karma lost his all money in the shares and was jailed by his shareholders. Syed a lawyer who puts the Cherry on the cake by accusing his father is a close friend of the Kothari group Lawyer friend he wants to fix in Politics with the help of Kothari support.

Karma makes the plan by having the video of the censor of Syed and a 16-year girl getting intimated and send them as blackmail which puts pressure on Syed during the Eid party speech and makes him quit politics Dayamaa an astrologer who confesses the truth and work as an problem solver person is ditched by Karma as she put on spy camera inside her house and revealed all the truth in where Indrani confesses that her daughter is the mistake of her life and she is send to jail.

Ahaan son of Indrani falls in love with Karma and makes plan easier for her to enter the house and make an entry for the destruction in the life of Kotharis. Season 2 is coming

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