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Director-Siddharth Anand
Cast-Hrithik Roshan Anil Kapoor Deepika Padukone
Movie type- Action Thriller
Producers Siddharth Anand and Jyoti Deshpande
Release date- 25th January 2024
IMDB Rating-7.9
Duration-2 Hour 40 Minutes


Fighter Trailer

Patty is a squadron leader in the film Fighter is posted in Jammu and Kashmir along with the Mini Squardon leader post they have a sub team along with Taj, Bash, and Sodhi. Their captain was Rocky who had assembled them as a team of Indian Air Force for the Pakistan terror activity investigation. The team has to practice with the full attempt to make them accomplish the goals for the team and make the enemies down.

The first phase starts with the 2 teams with Patty Taj and Bash in one team, and Rocky in another sub-team team the task is accomplished by Mini by saving hostages from the enemy but the team arrives Rocky who is against Patty their focus is to distract them the Task was lost by Patty due to main prioritize hostages without saving his team.

Rocky was very upset with Patty’s meritocracy performance in the game as Patty said he remembered her girlfriend Enjay who loved him so much but due to a little mistake, she lost her life. Meanwhile, they are enjoying a bonfire in the change of mood Patty comes with a stirrer for the Nation which touches Mini’s heart and pushes her to talk to Patty. Mini asks Taj’s wife about Patty’s Girlfriend and knows reality they turn to make the dream come true by falling in love.

In between there was an attack in India as Pulwama attacked the suicide bomber with van destroyed trucks of B.S.F who were going to field for the J&K boundaries but this tragedy happened due to mastermind Azhar Akthar who created this nuisance in India. Patty broke into tears after seeing the scenes of dead bodies and injured officials of bsf led to the plan of making Pakistan pay for it, Rocky along with the team got into the Pakistan Central area where they kept a warehouse of bombs and weapons with them. They are attacked at the warehouse and make them pay the price. Rocky is happy with the Patty and team’s performance they make a patty.

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Azhar took revenge by making Pakistan enter the J&K bombaring the Indian Air Force plane as a quick response from the team they made a follow-up of the Pakistani plane they made Pakistan enter which led to the failure of the mission as Taj and Bash lost their life in war. Patty is in sorrow and pain and is posted to the Bhatinda Punjab Air Force unit in which he trains the people. Rocky tells Mini that Enjay is his sister and is lost by Patty’s mistake. The emergency came as Taj and Bash were alive and captured by Pakistan which made them happy Patty.Bash fought with Azhar and lost his life by the dead body was sent to pieces by Pakistan officials. Their angry face of Rocky comes into picture as they want to survive Taj from the Pakistan base camp so they fight back and destroy the plane with the help of Patty and make Azhar killed in the end and Takj come back to his home India.

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